Friday, June 20, 2008

Health And Wellness Is Your Responsibility

Hi. This is to let you know about the guest author post that I did on the blog "Best Of Mother Earth." You will find the article posted at . Karen is an online friend that I met through visiting her blog over the past six months and leaving comments.

In my search for better health and taking responsibility for my own life, I find Karen's wellness counselor advice to be sound and helpful. I realized a long time ago that doctors don't have all of the answers and they don't know my body as well as I do.

Over the past 15 years, my body has become more allergic to things in the air, in medicines and in foods. Because of that, I have chosen to take a more active part in my own health care. As I said in my guest article, the pharmacist that we have used for 20 years recently told my husband that the list of antibiotics that I am allergic to makes it impossible for me to take any of the antibiotics currently on the market. Of the list of medicines that I am allergic to, the pharmacist said that one of those ingredients is in every single antibiotic that is at our disposal today.

What are my choices? Stay healthy, which is my first choice. Or, find natural forms of treatment that work without the harmful side effects of regular medicines. I would much prefer to stay in peak health. Living in our society of air pollution, water pollution, outbreaks of bad food and drugs, I am not sure that is possible.

Because of my food, air and medical allergies, I decided to learn more about my body, about being healthy, about natural ways to do that. I have learned to use Reiki and EFT to work on my body and my emotional issues to help me be healthier. I have learned what herbs and suppliments will help. I have learned to ask questions and search out information. I have learned not to blindly follow doctor's instructions and to look at the possible side effects of any medicines that they may prescribe.

Some of the medicines on the market today have side effects that can kill you or make your health worse than what you started with. Is it worth it??? Not to me. I think the reason that the drug companies have gotten so out of control is so that people will wake up and decide that we need to be more in control of what goes on in and with our bodies and our health.

Part of my searching for more information took me to Karen's site "Best Of Mother Earth." She gives good information. She is willing to answer questions. She doesn't think she is God like some doctors that I have had the misfortune to run across. Karen is very down to earth. That is one of the qualities that have her friends referring to her as "Mother Earth."

I hope that this article guides each of you to take a more active part in your own health and wellness. Have a glorious day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Patricia!

You did an excellent job in fleshing the concepts in these comments out into and an easily understood article.

The concept of "imprinting" applies quite well to shame, as it more readily illustrates the process of how we can confuse ourselves with the "other" in our experience.

Your blog is walking survivors toward new ways of looking at their life situations...

This kind of healing is so necessary in the world :)

What you are doing takes a lot of courage...thank you!

Love and Light,