Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunshine Award, Sixth Anniversary and Links About Effects Of Child Abuse And Awareness

First of all the good stuff:  June 1, 2013 was my six year anniversary for Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker. The date was June 9 when I realized that the anniversary had passed without me acknowledging it.

Second, I want to say "Thank You." to my friend Pat Ruppel at the blog "Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom." Thank you, Pat for the Sunshine Award that you bestowed on my blog back on June 9. Here is the link to Pat's blog post where she gave me and 12 other bloggers the Sunshine Award.

 Third, I want to say "Thank You." to my friend Jan from the blog "The Wounded Warrior." On May 30, Jan reblogged my article "Sibling Abuse - An Epidemic by @PatriciaSinglet". By doing that my article was shared over and over again by many of Jan's other friends on Twitter. The word is beginning to get out about sibling abuse. Thank you, Jan. Here is the link to my article on his blog.

My Summer, which officially starts tomorrow, is already busy. My husband is busy striping parking lots and returning calls for new ones as they come up. I worry about him in this heat. He takes the heat better than I do. Other than an occasional very small job, I don't work with him any more because as I have gotten older, the heat affects me more easily. I don't know how he does it but he does. We have already been to several Civil War reenactments which is my husband's hobby. I have grown to love dressing up as a Southern Belle too but I don't go to all of his reenactments.

Back to the real purpose of this blog and all of my writings: I have been writing about sibling abuse lately because of my friend Nancy Kilgore, MS and her book Girl in the Water which you can also buy at Health Communications, Inc. at 
or at Nancy is asking that anyone who reads her book please write a book review on

I have been doing a lot of reading online lately and want to share some of the articles with you here through their links. I hope you will take the time to read each of the articles. The information is important.

Earliest Case of Child Abuse Discovered in Egyptian Cemetery @

Sibling Bullying Just as Damaging as Peer Bullying @

Sexual and Emotional Abuse Scar the Brain in Specific Ways @
Child Sexual Abuse in the Church @
This is from a Mennonite Brethren Forum and most of the information is good for everybody to know.

Why Don't Cops Believe Rape Victims? @

Have a glorious weekend, my friends.