Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fear And Change

I have learned that if I live my life in fear, nothing changes. I have to continue to face my fears as they show their faces to me. If I don't face my fears, I don't grow and I stay stuck in one place. I stay miserable and I make excuses for not taking charge of my life. My fears then grow more plentiful.

I refuse to live my life full of fear. As a child, I didn't have that choice. As an adult, I do.

I am worth whatever efforts it takes to change my life if I am unhappy with it.

You, too, are worth the efforts to heal. You are all worthy of being in a safe environment. No one else can do the healing work for you. You have to do it for yourself, just as I have to do it for myself. You have to take the first steps to change. As you face your fears, they become smaller. Are you willing to take that first step? You are worth it. Healing is worth doing.

Just thinking about changing doesn't change anything. You have to be willing to take the necessary actions to make any worthwhile change in your life. Are you ready?