Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today Honor All Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse

Something I wrote a short while ago on Twitter says, "Today honor all the Survivors that you know with a hug &/or kind words. We all struggle at times. We can heal." Today I ask you to do this for any Survivors that you know.  With the statistics saying that one in four girls and one in six boys today are sexually abused before the age of 18, chances are very good that you know at least one survivor. Another statistic that says your odds of knowing a survivor are even better is the one that says for every survivor that tells about their abuse, another six never report their sexual abuse.

I ran across a site a few days ago that calls itself RANDOM FACTS. Here are two lists that I read and want to share with you. Warning: Some of what you read in these two lists may be disturbing. I hope they are.  Education and understanding is necessary if we are ever going to stop child predators from abusing children.

64 Facts About . . .
Child Sexual Abuse

55 Little Known Facts About . . .
Human Trafficking

I will leave you with one more of my Tweets from this week. "I have always known even as a child that I would find a way to make something good come out of the incest." Reaching out to other incest survivors with my blog, my facebook page where I go by my full name Patricia Caldwell Singleton and on Twitter where I go by patriciasinglet is one way that I make something good come from being sexually abused as a little girl.  You will find me talking and sharing with other survivors in all three places. Supporting each other makes our healing a little less of a struggle than doing it alone. Now go tell your Survivor friend or family member that you love them and you are there for them. They will appreciate you for it. Have a glorious day.


Vigabo said...

Wonderful piece Pat. Love what you say and thanks for those lists. It's so good that you have taken something as bad as incest and found some good in it. My father, who molested me, used to say that there's something good in all bad. Maybe that was his way of justifying his own actions, but sadly, he was right. And sometimes I think that what happened to me, in some odd way, has made me a nicer, better person as I reach out to others more readily, just as you do. A pat (no pun intended) on both our backs LOL

Patricia Singleton said...

Cruiseroo, thank you. There is nothing good about incest. The good that we can bring out of incest is that we are stronger, more caring survivors than we might have been without the incest happening to us. The good can come out of what we make of ourselves through our struggles. There is no justification for molesting a child.

Yes, as survivors, you and I both deserve a pat on the back for the Hell that we have survived.

Colleen said...

Thanks for all you do.

Patricia Singleton said...

Colleen, you are very welcome. Hope all is well with you.