Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beyond Survivor: Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse Book Review

BEYOND SURVIVOR: Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse written by my friend Jan L. Frayne

Jan has been my friend for a year or two now. I met him on Triberr and Twitter through another Twitter friend who introduced us. During the sharing of Tweets and comments back and forth, and after becoming friends on Facebook, our friendship has grown.

What do a male from Wales and a female from the southern U. S. have in common to form a friendship when they have never met in person? Jan and I are both survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I have been honored to watch Jan grow and heal from childhood sexual abuse during the short time we have known each other. We have supported each other through that growing time.

I am pleased to see Jan reaching out to other male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Even more so to see that Jan has published his own "Collection of Writings" as he labels his 1st book, BEYOND SURVIVOR which I recently read and am now sharing the book review that I wrote and posted on Amazon.com a few months ago.

Here is the book review that I wrote back in June 2012:

Jan Frayne is a courageous male survivor of childhood sexual abuse done by those who should have protected him instead of stealing away his childhood. Jan takes his readers to the depths of despair with his beautiful and tragic poetry. He also offers words of healing and triumph over the abusers.

BEYOND SURVIVOR: Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse is written from a male survivor's point of view but it is also a resource for women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As an incest survivor myself, I could relate to so much of the pain and feelings that Jan mentions in his writing.

I can also relate to the fears and the courage to face those fears that I know Jan experienced in writing this book for male survivors.  Jan's book is among the first written to address the issues of male survivors.  I hope that Jan's outspokeness and courage will be spread to other men who are also survivors.  Men need the support and the courage to speak out because, together - male and female - we will win the war against child abuse.

If you are interested in learning more about Jan and his healing journey, you will want to listen to a guest talk that Jan does with Patricia McKnight on Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio back on June 6, 2012. The link for Beyond Survivor - Author/Advocate - Jan Frayne 06/06 by Dreamcatchers Blog Talk Radio is as follows:


Also, the link to Jan's blog The Wounded Warrior is as follows:


I hope you will join me and read Jan's book and his blog. Feel free to leave comments here and on Jan's blog. Some exciting news is that Jan is working on book number 2. Can't wait.


Vigabo said...

Thanks for this review. I am going over to Jan's blog now and certainly am interested in his book. I'm working on my book too. Incest as well. How sad. There are so many of us. I hope you will find time to check out my blog as well and join my Facebook page titled COMING OUT FROM UNDER.

Patricia Singleton said...

Cruiseroo, you are very welcome. I have been meaning to write this review for awhile. I look forward to reading your book when you are finished writing it. I will check out your blog and your Facebook page. Thanks for making me aware of them.