Saturday, February 9, 2008

Child Abuse Prevention Websites

Thanks to Deb of Deb_Inside for furnishing the websites that you will find posted here in this article and also in my Blog Roll under the title of Blogs About Healing From Sexual Abuse.

Deb has a wonderful site of her own that she writes inspiring and uplifting articles found at . Deb has become a wonderful friend over the past few months. Thanks for the research that you did to find these sites for me, Deb.

Sites with information about Child Sexual Abuse: - Definition of Child Abuse

One more site that I want to introduce you to is found at .

Please help us stop Child Sexual Abuse before it can happen to another child, maybe even your own child, by becoming informed.


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome Patricia.

As I said to you, it was when I did a Google search on abuse and poetry and the search located your site that had me thinking if others land here from a web search it would be good to have resource links.

AND.... as I said...

You ROCK... and may you continue to ROCK THE WORLD with your message of HOPE.


Anonymous said...

Great post!
It's very important to be well informed about these subjects.

Keep it up.

Patricia Singleton said...

Supreme Directory, thanks. It was Deb's idea.

Patricia Singleton said...

Deb, thanks. You Rock too. My readers will find that out when they check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

Patricia thanks so much for plugging the Teddy Tour. It is so vitally important that the toxic shame of child sexual abuse is lifted and that we all support survivors to have a voice.
Together the voices of survivors are indeed powerful.

Patricia Singleton said...

Megan, you are very welcome. I am pleased to be able to help.

Patricia Singleton said...

After emailing Megan several times yesterday, I added my own TeddyTour tag to those others that she has displayed from the USA. You will find mine at the above site listed under Patty Cake. The site asked that we not use our real names so that survivors will be protected with anonymity. I write about my experiences here so I don't need that protection and I realize that some survivors do. I respect that.