Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Most Influencial Person---#4---Birth Of A Dream

How did Slade Roberson rate an article on my blog? Well, without Slade's technical advice and step-by-step E-book tutorial, 21st Century Author's Guide To Problogging, my blog would not exist.

I have always wanted to write, to possibly be a published author. The need to write has always been a part of who I am. Writing has been my biggest tool for understanding my life, for making sense of the abuse.

Have you ever had dream that you had all but given up on happening? Well, that is how I felt when I first met Slade online. We started emailing back and forth. We became friends.

I first met Slade through his blog Shift Your Spirits found at .

Slade recently wrote an article at Shift Your Spirits called "Manifesting the WHAT---not the HOW". The article tells of Chris who has a book that he wants to write if only he had the money. Step by step, Slade gave Chris solutions that cost little or no money.

Slade, I had to laugh at every negative thought and fear that Chris brought up when you gave him suggestions. Did I do that when you were encouraging me to write and then to start my own blog? I saw myself in Chris. I know that I did wait a whole month after buying your tutorial before I got it out to read. I was that afraid of the whole process. I didn't think I could do the technical stuff to set up a blog.

Once I read the tutorial, I decided the process was something that I could do, even though I don't know much about how computers work. I made the decision to work on setting up my blog one day at a time. Over the course of the next week, I did a little work each day toward getting the blog set up until it was finished and all that was left was to start writing articles.

Slade suggested that I start out with at least 12 written articles before I officially launched my blog. I posted the first article on June 1, 2007. On June 25, I sent out emails to all of my family and friends to officially launch my blog with 13 written articles. The article that I launched this blog with was "I Am A Lightworker." That article discusses why I decided to call myself a Lightworker. At the end of the article, I said, "Stepping out of my own shadow of fear is what I hope to do with this newsletter. I hope that by sharing where I have been and my journey out of the pain will help others to do the same. You are not alone." That is the purpose of this blog.

Thanks to Slade, I am no longer alone on my journey. I have new friends like Slade Roberson, K-L Masina, Jeffrey Paul Lilly, Damian Carr, Linda Martin, Albert (the Urban Monk, I don't know your last name), and Jason Randhawa. To meet all of these great Spiritual Bloggers click on the links under "Check Out These Great Sites". Your life will be as enriched as mine has become by reading their articles. Thanks to you all for welcoming me into the Spiritual Blogging community. How did I meet all of these great people? By following another suggestion of Slade's. He told me, to help build up my subscriptions and to get to know others in our Spiritual Blogging niche, to read and leave comments on other sites. I have done that but only when I really had something of value to add to a conversation. I don't leave comments just to be leaving behind useless words. I have been blessed by my association with these great Spiritual Bloggers and so will you.

I just got an email from Chris Garrett of and Both of these are great sites for learning how to blog. Chris asked me to identify a successful authority blogger in a niche that I read. Well, Slade, you are that Authority Blogger, for me, in Spiritual Blogging. Why you even have a blog by that name, don't you?

To use Slade's own words, "Slade Roberson is a professional blogger. Shift Your Spirits is about transforming the life you're already living into the creative, powerful, spiritual mission you know it's supposed to be. Spiritual Blogging shares behind-the-screens internet marketing, self-publishing, and professional blogging strategies with other writers who want to broadcast their mission on a global scale."


The inspiration for me writing all of my "The Most Influencial Person" series comes from Damian Carr at Be The Change found at . Damian is a great writer, an English Bard. I love that title, Damian. I just had to use it. It is so grand sounding. Thanks for being in my life with your writings.


Patricia Singleton said...

Slade, I didn't actually say the words in my article, so here they are. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my dream of writing to help others.

Anonymous said...


This may be the best birthday gift I've ever received!

Probably because it's a gift you accepted FROM me...

I can't tell you how much it means to know that my work has impacted someone else's life and dream so much.

Patricia Singleton said...

Slade, I have been intending to write this article for awhile. When you told me that your birthday was on Monday, well, I just had to do the article for your birthday. What better time for me to say Thank You and that what you do is that important to others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for stepping out of that shadow.

Sharing yourself as openly and honestly as you do is a
wonderful thing.

I feel your courage and am
encouraged. :)

~*~ Happy Birthday Slade ~*~
not sure if it's today or was
last week, but either way
blessing in the coming year.

xo xo

Patricia Singleton said...

Deb, thanks for your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Patricia, this was down right scary. I was talking to my god when your comment on my blog showed up! There is a strong message here for me. The universe has given me an answer - now I just have to work out what it is!

Patricia Singleton said...

imaginif, With God's help, you will always find your answer and you will work it out. Thanks for letting me know that God used me to give you that answer.

Patricia Singleton said...

Hi, everyone. This article has been accepted in the Law of Attraction Carnival #24: General Roundup. This is the August 14, 2007 edition of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. This edition is to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival. You will find 25 articles on "insights, stories, tools, and techniques related to the Law of Attraction." found at .

Anonymous said...

Hello Patricia:

This is an inspiring story. It's sure to encourage others to step past their fears. I hope your blog will continue to go from strength to strength

Patricia Singleton said...

Galba, thanks. I have been blessed with a lot of very special friends. Slade Roberson is one of them. I feel that writing is my calling. Slade has given me the ability to reach more people. I choose to inspire others by sharing my own experiences. I know that what I have accomplished can be done by others. Knowledge is the biggest enemy of ignorance. Those of us who share our strength with others chip away at ignorance in the world. We truly all are one.

Kara said...

I want to congratulate you for starting your blog! I was delighted to see Slade was your inspiration, as he was my inspiration as well. I couldn't get enough of his writing...

So nice to discover your blog.


Patricia Singleton said...

Kara, thank you. I have been writing on my blog for over 3 years now. Yes, Slade was the friend that inspired me and gave me the confidence to begin my blog. I will forever be grateful to him for talking me into it. Shortly after I started my blog it took a different direction. Today I write mostly about my journey as an incest survivor. I share my journey in case it might help someone else to start their own journey towards recovery and a better life. Thank you for your comment.