Monday, October 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky's Victim #1 Is Hero #1 For All Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Last week I watched a show about Jerry Sandusky's Victim #1 on 20/20 which introduced the world to a courageous young man whose name is Aaron Fisher. All through the Sandusky trial he was known only as Victim #1. Now the world knows who this young survivor of childhood sexual abuse is. I am posting the following link for anyone who missed the program so that you can go and watch it.

The program addresses how Aaron's mom fully supported him after the secrets of the abuse were revealed to her. I hope the the producers of the program will pursue the people who turned Aaron and his mom away with statements like:

Go home and think about it. (school principal)

Only one account of childhood sexual abuse is not enough to arrest or convict Jerry Sandusky. (Police and District Attorney)

These are not put into parentheses because they are my rewording of what was told to Aaron and his mother when they confronted the school prinicpal, the police and the district attorney.

Why did it take three years before Jerry Sandusky was arrested? Why did Aaron Fisher have to wait that long for justice? What did that tell him about the Jerry Sandusky's of the world and our justice system? Can you imagine how defeated Aaron and his mother felt but instead of giving up, they got angry and fought harder to bring a sexual preditor to jail. That is why Aaron and his mom are my heroes. Only another survivor of childhood sexual abuse can know the courage that it took on Aaron's part to tell anyone about his abuse.

Thank you Aaron, Aaron's mom and the reporter and producers of 20/20 for giving Aaron and his story the justice that he deserves. Aaron, you will never know how many other survivors will now step forward and tell their stories because of your courage and persistance in getting justice for yourself.

Sandusky Case: Victim 1 Speaks - Video - ABC News

Click on Watch The Full Episode.

If you haven't seen this video, please watch it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear thanks for your support and your brilliant blog. Here you get a little appreciation :-) take care

Patricia Singleton said...

Beth, you are very welcome for the support. I thank you for thinking my blog is brilliant and for the blogger award. I appreciate you and the award and your blogs.

Anonymous said...

It is unsettling how warped our justice system can be. I appreciate your blog and the sincere tone of your voice on such tough subject matters. Lucinda Basset, best selling author and grief coach, is doing a radio show on LA TALK LIVE this Thursday Nov 1 and would love to have you call in for about 15-20 minutes to discuss sexually abused children. Please consider, this subject is important to you both. Email me at Sorry to write in comment, just wanted to reach out to you since you have such a sincere and sympathetic stance on the topic.

Patricia Singleton said...

Lucinda and Matt, thank you both for this opportunity. I just emailed Matt a few minutes ago with questions about the program. Thank you for this honor and chance to speak up and help to stop child sexual abuse. I shared your comment with my readers. Looking forward to working with you both.