Thursday, June 28, 2012

Average Pedophile Molests 117 Children Before They Are Caught

"The average pedophile molests 117 children before they are jailed for child offences."

The above quote comes from the following website: Helping Hands Against Abuse which is located in the United Kingdom. Here is the link for this organization:

I hope if you are a survivor of any kind of abuse as a child or an adult that you will check them out. HHAA is a group that I support on Facebook and on Twitter both because of the work that they do to help survivors of abuse heal and find support.

Here is my response to the above quote which I posted on my Facebook page and which has already been shared by several of my Facebook friends on their pages as well.

"This is a sad number that we can change by coming together and making the world aware of child abuse. From awareness must come action. Be aware and if you suspect a child is being abused, tell someone. If that someone does nothing, tell someone else until something happens to protect that child. If you are wrong, apologize. If you are right, you have changed the life of a child."

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