Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Pinwheel Girl's Book of Simple Wisdom - eBook Review

Kendra Kett recently asked me to read her new ebook The Pinwheel Girl's Book of Simple Wisdom and to write a book review for her. I gladly accepted the invitation. I have been reading Kendra's blog Pinwheel Girls, helping women be true to themselves for over a year now. Her blog and ebook are both very uplifting and encouraging when I am on a low point in my journey to healing.  The link to Kendra's blog is

The Pinwheel Girl's Book of Simple Wisdom, as well as encouraging and uplifting, makes me smile and nod my head, "Yes!" over and over again as I read the pages. The pages are full of words of "simple wisdom" to use Kendra's description and has wonderful pictures to accompany her words.  To borrow Kendra's own words from her blog title, her ebook does the same as her blog when it is "helping women be true to themselves." Being true to ourselves is very important and something that survivors of childhood abuse often have to learn how to do. Kendra's ebook is a book of affirmations that will help others to do just that - be true to themselves.

Some of the topics offered in Kendra's ebook are as follows:
Loving yourself unconditionally
Having compassion for yourself and others
Having self-approval rather than other-approval
Pushing through feelings to heal
You are stronger than you know
Learning to express yourself
Being empowered
The key to self-empowerment
Overcoming your fears
Being a self-advocate
Allowing your own transformation
You are more than just good enough
True authenticity means being yourself
Letting go of toxic people and relationships
Don't listen to negative talk whether it is from self or others
You will get there

You won't find the topics listed the way that I listed them above. The listing of subjects are in my own words. These messages are powerful for anyone, but especially so if you are a survivor. These are not all of the topics. These are just my favorites that I will read over and over again as I need them to remind me of some of the issues that I may still need to do work on to heal.

Kendra also has written a book called The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight: Every Woman's Journey Through Seven Stages of Transformation. I have read and loved it too. You can find the book and ebook both on Kendra's website Pinwheel Girls. You can click on the link below to go to her wonderfully delightful website:


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