Saturday, May 28, 2011

You Are Not Alone on Conversations LIVE! on Blog Talk Radio

On May 31 at 7:00 p.m. on Conversations LIVE! on Blog Talk Radio, Cyrus Webb will interview Darlene Ouimet, Brad Rickerby and me in a conversation about the topic "You Are Not Alone."  To use Cyrus's words, "The three discuss with Webb how they are moving beyond their lives as victims and how other individuals who have been abused can do the same."  I don't know exactly what will be talked about because we don't get a list of questions before hand, but I do know that it will be worth listening too.  Darlene and I both have been interviewed by Cyrus before.  This interview will be a first for Brad whom I met sometime in the past few months on Twitter.  I love the fact that you are getting the opinions of 2 men and 2 ladies who live in different parts of the country even - Mississippi, Connecticut, Arkansas and Canada.  I believe now that men are beginning to speak out about their own sexual abuse as children that society will have a more balanced picture of what has been going on for generations right in their own hometowns and right in many of their own families.  Sexual abuse of children has been so deeply hidden as secrets to never be told, but guess what, more and more of us as survivors are beginning to be silent no longer.  I am proud to be a partner in this movement and on this radio program that Cyrus is producing in a few days.

The link to this radio conversation will be as follows:

If you would like to follow any future programs that Cyrus Webb does on Conversations LIVE! Radio you can find him at the following links:

You can also "ENTER THE WORLD OF CYRUS WEBB" at the following link to see what other projects he has going on.  Cyrus is a very busy man.  Thank you Cyrus for the work that you do with your blog, with your radio programs and with your Conversations Live magazine as well.

My friend Darlene Ouimet and I met online over a year ago.  I don't remember how I got introduced to her or her blog Emerging From Broken but I now follow her on Twitter and Facebook as well as on her blog.  Darlene has become an inspiration to me on my road to healing.  Emerging From Broken takes us "from surviving to thriving on the journey to wholeness," to use Darlene's words.  Her blog articles make me think about abuse in slightly different ways that I used to.  Sometimes her blog helps me to find those important "ah-ha" moments that can mean another jump forward in healing because I "got" what she just said and I hadn't gotten that particular aspect before.  Sometimes reading Emerging From Broken brings up almost forgotten memories and cleansing tears.  Sometimes her posts are totally foreign to me because that part of her journey is different or unknown to me.  That is our differences.  But there are many, many more times that we are the same - survivors on the road to recovery from childhood sexual abuse, incest survivors and thrivers.  Darlene is now writing a book about her healing process and I can hardly wait until she gets it published so that I can buy and read it.  You can find Darlene and her blog Emerging From Broken at the following link:

Darlene's most current posts have dealt with the feelings that Mother's Day brings up for many survivors and the lies of our childhood that have us believing that we are bad, damaged or broken.  Some of Darlene's posts are getting over 100 comments.  Thank you, Darlene for your friendship and the healing work that you do through your blog posts.  Over the past year, you have helped me heal issues that I didn't realize were still issues.

Brad Rickerby is a newcomer in my online world.  Brad and I recently made contact on Twitter.  Then I started reading his blog I am a Survivor.  Brad is one of the newcomers beginning to speak out about their own experiences with child sexual abuse from the viewpoint of being male.  Yes, childhood sexual abuse does happen to young boys as well as to little girls.  Society looks at boys differently than girls making it even harder for a man to speak out about their sexual abuse as children.  In speaking out, many are beginning to heal.  I greatly admire Brad's courage in speaking out and wanting to help other survivors in their healing.   When you check out Brad's blog I am a Survivor, you will find that Brad is also a very talented artist and photographer.  Here is Brad's blog I am a Survivor:

In the subtitle part of I am a Survivor's heading you will find Brad's words about why he is blogging about his experiences of child sexual abuse: 

"I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, rape, beatings and torture.  From the age of six to 15 I survived a nightmare.  I intend here to recapture what was taken from me and try to help other survivors along the way." 

Thank you Brad for joining the path that many survivors of child sexual abuse are choosing to take in an effort to stop future generations of our children from being abused like we were.  Speaking out heal us and allows us to help other survivors to heal also.  Brad also has a page where you can join the list of "Survivors Silent No Longer." You will find this list at the following link:

I look forward to getting to know you better Brad as we travel the road to healing from childhood sexual abuse together.


Darlene Ouimet said...

Hi Patricia!
I am so excited to be on this show with YOU! (and Brad and Cyrus too!)
Thank you for sharing about my blog here too. I am very touched by your comments about me and our friendship. I am so happy to have met you also and love that we are partners in the healing community and in the blogosphere!

Patricia Singleton said...

Darlene, ditto for me too, everything you said. Hugs back to you.