Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks Giving

As I was thinking about Thanksgiving coming up this week in the United States, I decided to write an article about Thanks Giving which should be about more than just one day out of the year. I haven't written an article about Giving Thanks in awhile. One of my online friends, Stephen Hopson does one every week writing a Gratitude article about the things he is grateful for during his week. Stephen's articles always remind me of what I have to be thankful for in my life. Check out Stephen's blog found at .

Well, that first paragraph for the article was written a day or so before Thanksgiving. I intended to finish writing the article a day or two after my Thanksgiving guests went home. Instead, my husband and I came down with a nasty stomach virus. Daniel was over his in two days. I took a little longer---4 days. Now I am well and able to write again so it is time to finish this article.

I am glad that we have a holiday in the U. S. called Thanksgiving. It kind of says, "Hey everyone, stop what you are doing today and look at what you are thankful for in your life." We should all do that on a daily basis, not just once a year. Thanks Giving is something that would enrich all of our lives and put us more in touch with our inner core of Love. Gratitude is one of the most encouraging, uplifting emotions that we can choose to feel. Acting out of gratitude---giving back---is one of the best actions that we can take to bring joy to our lives and the lives of others. Why do we need a holiday to remind us of that?

What are you Giving Thanks for today? Feel free to add your list to mine in the comment section of this article.

Here is my list:
I am grateful for the comments that my readers leave on this blog that tell me how much they care and what my words mean to them.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband, son and daughter, son-in-law and each of my four grandchildren who I love dearly and who each returns my love. Children show you how to open your heart to unconditional love.

I am grateful for my wonderful friends who enrich my life with their love and friendship.

I am grateful to my online friends who encourage me in my writing attempts and help me move forward when I sometimes feel stuck in the trama of the past.

I am grateful for my home, my sanctuary, that my husband and I have created over the past 36 years together. Home is where my heart is. My husband keeps that safe for me. I love you, Daniel.

I am grateful for this spiritual journey that has taken me to places I could never have imaged going to. What a world of adventure and excitement my life has become.

I am grateful to my God and my angels and guides for being with me through this lifetime and all of the lifetimes before.

I am grateful that sometimes I can catch glimpses of the bigger picture of Life so that my small corner makes more sense to me.

I am grateful for all of the talents that I have been blessed to have. How they enrich my life!

I am grateful for Love, Courage, Joy, Hate, Fear, Sadness. They all bring lessons that enrich my life.

Let me hear your ideas of what you are grateful for everyday of your lives.


Anonymous said...

And I'm grateful to know you through this medium we call the blogosphere.

Even though we've never met (yet), I feel we are great friends simply because of all the warm correspondeces back and forth!

God bless you for sharing YOUR journey with us.

Patricia Singleton said...

Stephen, I am blessed by being able to call you my friend.

Patricia Singleton said...

I submitted this post to November Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse at Splinteredones's Blog on Nov. 26, 2010. Here is the link:

Today I am grateful that I have pneumonia in 2010 rather than 100 years ago when most people died from pneumonia. I am blessed to live in the time period that I do for so many reasons.

Hope that everyone had a glorious Thanksgiving. I am nearly over the pneumonia with just a slight cough left. Because of the pneumonia, my husband Daniel and I had a quiet Thanksgiving this year rather than having a house full of family visiting. I missed the family gathering.