Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spirit Animal Totems

I just read an interesting article about spirit animal totems written by Geoff over at Tapping Creativity. You can find the article at . At the end of Geoff's article, he gives you a site that you can go to and take a quiz to find out what your animal spirit is.

You can find the quiz at . The quiz is purely for entertainment purposes. Jeri Smith-Ready calls it "Spellbinding fantasy for the heart, mind, & soul." Well today, that was what I needed---to have fun, so rather than one of my more serious topics, today you get this article.

Read Geoff's article. Then go take the quiz for the little kid in you who wants to play today. Most little kids love animals.

My quiz results say, "You are a Horse!" My other animal spirits were Swan with 21 points, Wolf with 20 points, Owl with 20 points, Hawk with 19 points, Otter with 18 points, Crow with 14 points, Spider with 14 points, Wolverine with 14 points, Bear with 13 points, Cougar with 13 points, and Fox with 11 points.

Some of the animal spirit totems from the above quiz results are new to me. Some are not. I have always loved horses, wolves, owls, hawks and cats in any shape and form. My favorite cat has always been the tiger. Tiger has been one of my animal spirit totems since I was a young child. I used to dream about a tiger that would talk to me. This dream came many times in my childhood. As an adult, many times I dream about Snake, another of my totems. A friend did an animal spirit totem reading for me years ago. Some of my totems from that reading were Tiger, Snake, Buffalo, Eagle, Coyote, Wolf and a few others that I have forgotten. Over the years, I have had others totems come and go such as the Black Leopard, Crow, Hawk, and Owl.

If you are interested in reading more about animal spirit totems, go to the above sites where you will find other links to play with and find your own animal spirit totems. Have fun today. Go play. Have a glorious day.


River of Karma said...

Well some one is back on her feet after an adventurous trip to India. You know, one day I'll make there. Something tells me I will.

Btw, was wondering if we could link our blogs?

Patricia Singleton said...

River of Karma, if going to India is what you want to happen, it will. Give me your email address in a comment. I won't publish it but it will give us a chance to talk privately in regard to your question.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patricia,

That was fun and L@@K,
my 'Best Matches' are exactly
what your top 3 are...
So... NO wonder we're ~connected~

xo xo

You are a Otter! (your score: 27)

Powers: Healing

Otters are nurturing, playful, and easygoing. You often put others' needs before your own, offering what seems to be a bottomless well of compassion and care. Though your decisions are guided by your feelings, at heart you're pragmatic and self-possessed, making you the ideal head of a family or small business.

Best matches: Horses, Wolves, Swans

Wolf - 25
Horse - 22
Swan - 20

Patricia Singleton said...

Deb, we match on all 4 just in different positions. I also have Otter. This test was fun wasn't it. That was why I included it. Fun is important, especially for those of us who work so hard most of the time. I choose to remember to have fun more often. Have a glorious day.