Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainbows In The Dark - Book Review

Rainbows in the Dark: A Journey of survival from child sexual abuse is a book written by two friends Cecibel Contreras and Jack Stoskopf. Both are survivors of child sexual abuse. I have been fortunate to come to know Cecibel and Jack through Facebook sometime in the past year. They are both great advocates for survivors and children. We know each other though the sharing of our stories online and through our speaking out about stopping child sexual abuse. I follow the activities of Cecibel on Facebook almost daily. I don't know Jack as well.

I have a small number of survivors friends whose books I have read and reviewed in the past few years. From each of those books, I am formulating what I want to say and how I want to write my own book about healing from incest. The feeling of triumph over tragedy and the hope that I found in the pages of Cecibel's and Jack's book is the feeling that I want my readers to have when they finish reading my book.

In Rainbows in the Dark, Cecibel and Jack take turns sharing their stories of pain and of healing, of past and present, some in the form of poetry and affirmations or little snippets of advice. I really liked the way this book was written. The thoughts of each of them reminds me of the way that I process my own issues. I look at the lesson before me as it is laid out in my own words and then I look for the gift that comes from the healing. The gift is usually in the form of a new awareness about myself that I didn't have before.

I want to share the words of the authors as they describe themselves in the About the Author on the back of their book because it describes the feel of the book - triumphant and encouraging to survivors.

"About the Author

Cecibel is a triumphant incest and child sexual abuse survivor. More than a mere survivor, she has become a valiant warrior against sexual abuse of children and adolescents. She is the founder of Incest Survivors United Voices of America.

Jack Stoskopf has transformed from a small town country boy and sexual abuse survivor from Kansas to now living in New York City to become a writer and speaker encouraging those broken in spirit and to rise above victimization."

Rainbows in the Dark encourages survivors and tells them they are not alone. The book gives hope, talks about breaking the silence of abuse, and tells how Jack and Cecibel survived their own experiences. I hope you will join me in reading this book.

Here is the link to Incest Survivors United Voices of America for anyone who is interested.



Jack Stoskopf said...

I am beyond words of gratitude for you reading our book. Your words touch me deeply and I really think that your book will be just as you desire and most likely even more so. I look forward to reading your book and I am sure it will touch others just as much as you have touched me now. Thank you again and God Bless you.
Jack Stoskopf

Patricia Singleton said...

Jack, You are very welcome. As survivors we need to support each other in speaking as Advocates for children and survivors.

Incest Survivors United Voices Of America said...

Patricia, I'm in tears now. I'm a tender hearted soul that cries when survivors touch my heart and you my dear friend have touched my heart deeply...I want thank you for supporting our book and giving this amazing review. I am practically speechless and lost for words.This book was written with the simplicity and authenticity that has always characterized me. When we wrote this book we wanted to touch hearts and let survivors know that they are not alone. We can find balance and we can reclaim our life back after child sexual abuse. I wanted to share with my fellow survivors, truth, pain, flaws, mistakes and imperfections. My journey was a very difficult one and at times I thought I wasn't going to make it but I did. I wanted to give them a piece of my heart and soul. The heart of a soul of a woman who was once broken but today is whole and free.

Patricia Singleton said...

Incest Survivors United Voices Of America - You are very welcome. I am so glad that you made it. You inspire me & so many others.