Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Tiger Unveiled Revisited

I borrowed part of Dan L Hays title for his article about his tiger dream for the title of my article since I am revisiting the subject that I started in my own article 'Dreams About Tigers---What They Mean To Me". If you haven't visited Dan's blog, please do. You are missing the most fantastic conversation that I have ever been in. It is still continuing almost 40 comments later. Here are links to the blogs of each of the other three people who have kept this conversation going:

Dan @ Thoughts Along The Road to Healing

Shen @ Reunited Selves

Katie @ Sharing Our Spaces

Each of these blogs I have only discovered in the last month or so. In their own way, each adds valuable information and caring hearts to my journey through recovery. I thank you all.

Sharing a burden lightens the load. Sharing a joy brings more love into my life and the world. We all have our struggles in life. Sharing them is so much better than trying to face them alone. Each of the above three people have given awarenesses that I either didn't have or hadn't finished processing yet. I thank you for that. If you aren't aware, you can't change.

This month's Carnival Against Child Abuse will be coming out on March 26. I have already submitted one of my articles to it. It will be posted at the blog Child Abuse Survivor.

For the first time, I have submitted an article to Recovery From Childhood Sexual Abuse Blog Carnival. This Carnival will be posted on April 5. If you are interested in submitting articles or reading the articles that are posted to these two Carnivals, you can find information on both of them at . There are many, many other blog carnivals that you will find there to suit your many interests too if you care to look.

Over the past few days, I have added many new resources to my list of "CHECK OUT THESE GREAT SITES" and under the title of "BLOGS ABOUT HEALING FROM SEXUAL ABUSE". If you haven't looked at the list in awhile, there are much new to see. You will find both of these lists on the right sidebar on my blog homepage. For those of you who are getting this post by email, go to the bottom of the page and click on "Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker." The link will take you to my home page.

On another note, I may be away from the computer for awhile. My computer has some minor problems and needs to be repaired. It will probably go in the shop this week so if you leave me a comment and it doesn't show up or I don't reply back that is why. I will publish your comments and reply back to you ASAP when I get my computer back. This is another good reason for me to get a laptop possibly this summer.

In the meantime, welcome Spring into our lives. What glorious sunshine and warmth we are experiencing in Arkansas right now. Flowers, pollen and hay fever are in the air right now.


katie said...

dear patricia, i feel very honored by your post.

right now i feel like i'm nervously standing beside you and you are standing tall and shining bright. it's hard to believe i'm standing where i am. it's scary to take a stand, but not fully realizing it, i've done so.

i'm having one of those moments where i feel like i'm seeing my life in new perspective, not wrapped up in it, but like i'm flying overhead the path i've been walking and now i can see more of the landscape. and can how far i've traveled from where i once was.

part of what has helped me so much along the way are the people i've met and shared this journey together. and now you are included among them.

wishing you well, today and always :)

Mark said...

Happy Spring and thanks for sharing the wealth of these great minds.

Patricia Singleton said...

Katie, I am glad to be on the path beside you. You have been moving rapidly forward since I met you a short time ago. Wishing you well and many blessings along the way.

Patricia Singleton said...

Mark, you are welcome. They are great minds. Hoping you are enjoying a glorious Spring day where you live. Thanks for your visit.

Dan L Hays said...

Patricia -
Wow! What a wonderful way to honor the amazing conversation we have been having! I just had a message from someone who has been reading that conversation saying that we need to do all we can to get this amazing dialogue out there!

Yes, Katie, I too feel like I am on the path beside you, Patricia, and Shen, and honored to be there!

Patricia, I am thrilled to hear you will be contributing to the Carnival Against Child Abuse! You are an incredible writer and you speak very powerful words! I'm glad you're sharing them on that important forum.

Patricia, I hope they repair your computer quickly! We don't want to miss any of your wonderful and enlightening thoughts!

Thanks for sharing about this whole experience!

Patricia Singleton said...

Dan, thanks for sharing a part of my journey. I am on the way to take the computer in as soon as I finish these last few emails. Don't know if I can survive this weekend without my computer. Have a glorious week.