Friday, August 24, 2007

Personal Development List of Patricia Singleton

This morning when I opened my emails, one of the first ones that I read was from Passionate Blogger found at Passionate America found at is Wild Bill's second blog. As I just told Wild Bill in a comment on his site, I especially like his sense of humor. Wild Bill, your sense of humor is not the only thing I like about your sites. They both have lots of valuable information written in such a way that a beginner can understand the language and benefit from putting the information into use. Your sense of humor is a plus.

Wild Bill, as many others are doing, has done an article and linked to Priscilla Palmer's site found at Priscilla has started a Personal Development List of who we as readers think are our top Personal Development bloggers. Wild Bill has me on his list so now I have been added to Priscilla's list. Priscilla tagged me to do my own list. I thank you both for the honor. Wild Bill, you would be on mine but since someone else already has you listed, I won't. K-L Masina, Albert Foong, Craig Harper, Nneka, and Raymond Salas are already on the list also. These are some of my favorites as well.

Patricia Singleton's Personal Development List:

Slade Roberson at

Ellesse at

Damian Carr at

Jeff Lilly at

Karl Staib at

These are my five. They are not listed in any particular order. The key reason that I like each of these sites is that they make me think and help me grow. Each of them has become my friend since I started blogging on June 1. Check out their sites if you haven't already.


Patricia Singleton said...

In the original post of this article when I posted it, for some reason there was an extra %20 added to Wild Bill's Passionate Blogging address. Please ignore that and go with the correct address of . I did not add the extra words but they were there when the article was sent to me. The above address should take you to his site.

Goal Setting College said...

Pat, thanks for adding me to your list. It was a great honour!


Patricia Singleton said...

Ellesse,It is an honor for me to call you my friend. I enjoy your site and thought others should have the same chance to benefit from your wisdom.

Priscilla Palmer said...

Thank you for your participation! I really appreciate it.

Patricia Singleton said...

Priscilla, it is a really great list. I read my first 2 articles from sites on the list this morning and am already enriched by the knowledge.

Linda Martin said...

Thanks for the blog recommendations; I'll check them all out!

Patricia Singleton said...

Linda, you are welcome. The Master List is on Priscilla Palmer's site. I am slowly working my way through the Master List and visiting everyone's site. A few I am not really interested in but others are great.

Albert | UrbanMonk.Net said...

HI Patricia, thanks for the mention. I just wanted to drop by and say a personal thank you for all the support you've given me and my blog over the months, it's been really great and you don't know how much it has helped. Cheers! =)

Patricia Singleton said...

Albert, you are welcome. Yours is a very valuable site for any one who deals with emotions and wants to heal them.