Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What Good Will You Allow God To Do Through You?

I am behind on my reading since I started writing this blog. I also have a habit of losing my Daily Word magazines since they come in a month early. Daily Word is "The Silent Unity Magazine". If you are interested in finding out more about Daily Word or Silent Unity go to their website at . I recently found my February copy of Daily Word and started reading it.

On page 14 of the February issue of Daily Word, Rev. Howard Caesar who is the senior minister at Unity Church of Christianity, Houston, Texas, says, "We are co-creators with our Creator, and God will do for us all that we are open to God doing through us. Even now, the good you seek is seeking you!"

I have been a member of a small Unity Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas for most of the past 10 years. This is my only experience of Unity teachings. I like the idea that we are "co-creators with our Creator". The mind blowing thought that hit me when I read this was that "God will do for us all that we are open to God doing through us". Did you hear that, "all that we are open to God doing through us".

Is that saying that we can limit what God does for us? Why would we do something like that? Why would we limit the good that God can give us? Why would we limit the good that God can do through us?

Let me list the ways:

1. By doubting that we are worthy.

2. By being afraid.

3. By saying that we don't deserve anything better than we already have.

4. By not loving others enough.

5. By not being open to change.

6. By being stingy with our time or money.

7. By being ungrateful for what we already have.

8. By not loving ourselves enough.

9. By not being willing to move beyond our comfort zone.

10. By letting our ego believe that "it" is "who" we are.

The limiting beliefs can go on and on. Which ones have you used in the past? My biggest obstacle has been fear of change. Not loving myself was at the top of my list for many years.

What is your favorite limiting belief? Let go of it and let God work His wonders in your Life.


steve said... being afraid...

not any more though. i'm leaving my unconscious work place!

wonderful post.

Patricia Singleton said...

Thank you and congratulations on taking a step forward.

Patricia Singleton said...

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