Sunday, March 3, 2013

Standing on the Edge of Time by Daniel Singleton

Where did February go? Several times I thought about sitting down and writing another article here for you to read, but then I would get busy with something else and the day would be gone. The whole month was like that.

A lot of my time lately has been taken up in helping my husband get his book self-published. We decided to go through AuthorHouse. I checked out three different self-publishers online and decided on AuthorHouse. It wasn't the cheapest place to publish but it seems to suit my husband Daniel's needs just a little better than the other two. They have also been kind with my limited computer skills. Daniel has less skills that I do with the computer so that work fell in my lap. Also all of the phone conversations have been mine because Daniel's hearing loss that he has had since childhood has gotten much worse over the past 5 years. He now has problems hearing some people over the phone so I have become his spokesperson. Because of a misunderstanding on my part with the first salesperson that I spoke with, Daniel's book is under my name for all correspondence from AuthorHouse. He is just listed as the author. It would have cost us more time and money to change it all to his name.

The title of Daniel's book is Standing on the Edge of Time: Civil War 1862, Crisis in the West. I got all of the necessary information and pictures sent in last week, with a picture of Daniel for the About the Author page being the last thing to send in. This coming week, all of the pages will go to the Design Team. According to our new Check-in Coordinator, the book will go to the printer in about 60 days. The waiting is so discouraging for Daniel.

To borrow from the front of Daniel's book, here is what his historical novel is about:

"The Story of Private Robert G. Jarman and the 4th Arkansas Infantry,
                Confederate States of America
In the Battles of Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas; Famrington, Mississippi;  Richmond, Kentucky; and           Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Also the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi, and the 1862 Kirby Smith Kentucky Raid

Includes 253 eye-witness accounts, 437 letters and reports written between the commanders, 545 newspaper articles, a list of 125 damaged or burned cities & the 85 bloodiest battles

A Historical Novel by Daniel Singleton"

Daniel has worked on his novel for 9 years researching and reporting what the Civil War might have been like for his ancestor Robert G. Jarman, just one of Daniel's six direct ancestors who fought in the Civil War.  I have watched Daniel spend time and money, get excited about some of his finds and get discouraged several times because of the lengthy process of writing. I am proud of him and his accomplishment. I always knew he was a wonderful storyteller. Now he is truly a writer.

With my part in getting this book out there done, I will now have time to write my own book about healing from incest. You will see some of the same information in my book that you read in my blog articles that I have written over the past five years. Some of it, I am sure, you have never seen because it hasn't been presented to me yet.  Just this past week, some issues have presented themselves to me but that is stuff for another blog post. For now, I wanted to introduce you to my wonderful, supportive, kind, and stubborn husband and his book. I will let you know where Daniel's book is on the market in case any of you are fellow historians. Til then have a glorious week everyone.


Tracie Nall said...

It sounds like a really great book. And a very interesting premise.

What a blessing that you can help him with the calls and computer stuff. It is wonderful to have and be a supportive spouse.

Patricia Singleton said...

Tracie, thank you. It is a great book. Daniel put a lot of work into it.

I also wrote an article today that will come out on Wednesday asking for submissions to your Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

Corinne Edwards said...

Good luck to Daniel.

It is a tremedous thrill to actually hold a book with your name on it in your hand.

Yes, it is time for your book, Patricia.

Just put it in word and upload to Kindle. It is easy - even for a non tech like me.

Riverman1950 said...

Congratulations, Patricia and Daniel! Publication is a BIG deal, and it sounds like a very interesting book.

I also look forward to your upcoming book, Patricia!

Alene Gone Bad said...

Congratulations to Daniel, and you...that's an accomplishment to celebrate!

Patricia Singleton said...

Alene, thank you. I will pass your comment on to Daniel.

Patricia Singleton said...

Riverman 1950, thank you from Daniel & from me.

Patricia Singleton said...

Corinne, thank you from Daniel & from me. It is time.

Brandon Keller said...

Where can I get a copy of this book? I am a re-enactor who actually portrays the 4th Arkansas Infantry and I would love to read this! Please let me know how to get a copy of this book at . Thanks!

Patricia Singleton said...

Brandon, I will email you privately with information on how to buy a copy of the book.