Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Carnivals Are Posted For Reading

The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse - July 2011 Edition at the From Tracie blog is now posted at the following link:

This month's Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse had 21 articles submitted. With this carnival, you can submit more than one article at a time.  I usually submit three articles each month.  I have submitted as many as five a few times.  This month we didn't have a specific topic.  It is always good to hear some new voices each month.  I appreciate the courage that it takes to submit one of your blog articles for the first time to a new audience.  I hope that you will join me in going to From Tracie blog to support the bloggers who do submit articles to this very worthwild Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

The Expressive Arts Carnival No. 13: Group Word Cloud is also up and running for July at Mindparts blog.  This month's topic was word clouds done by 11 entries.  Each month Paul from Mindparts blog hosts Expressive Arts Carnival.  The 11 submitters came up with 33 words, to use Paul's words, "to write about someone who has taught you something about healing." using three words along with a color.  Below is the link for Expressive Arts Carnival No. 13.

I want to thank Tracie and Paul for both taking the time and effort to run these two Blog Carnivals.  Both provide very different ways for survivors of child abuse to find to express their feelings and thoughts about their experiences with child abuse and healing.


MissPinks said...

Thank you for these links!

Patricia Singleton said...

Miss Pinks, you are very welcome. I have been following Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse for at least 3 years now and have followed Expressive Arts Carnival since Paul started it in the past year or so. I always find something of inspiration to me from both of the Blog Carnivals. I hope that you will too.

From Tracie said...

Thank you, Patricia, for posting the links and being such a great (and encouraging) participant!!

Patricia Singleton said...

From Tracie, you are very welcome. I always like hearing new voices tell their stories each month. I thank you for agreeing to host the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse when Marj needed to step away.