Friday, April 11, 2008


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Andrea Hess from Empowered Soul at taught us in her class "7 Keys to Intuitive Development" this week that any time you ask for something from your guides, angels, Higher Self, or God that you should end the request with the words, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." The gratitude opens you up to receive more. I do it because I like the way that my heart feels more expansive when I am in the feeling of being grateful. Being open to more receiving is an added bonus for me. Andrea, thank you for being such a wonderful, wise teacher.

Stephen Hopson at Adversity University at
writes a gratitude article each Friday to express his gratitude about people and events that have inspired him each week. This week he is sharing a preview of his soon-to-be published book. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life and for the inspiration to write my own gratitude article today.

Pat Ruppel of Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom at has fast become one of my favorite bloggers to read. She recently wrote an article about the power of hugging a tree and feeling its silent courage. As the title of her blog says, she gives you "plain talk" and "ordinary wisdom." Your articles enriched my life. Pat thanks for being so down-to-earth with your brand of wisdom.

Another wonderfully wise and loving blogger that I have met is Corinne Edwards of Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards at . I personally grow with the reading of each of Corinne's articles. Thank you, Corinne, for sharing yourself through your blog articles.

This wasn't the article that I planned on writing today. That article is still somewhere in the ethers of my mind. This is the article that came out of me when I sat down to write after reading Stephen Hopson's Friday gratitude article. This is the article that came about from the flow of the Universe when I asked for inspiration to write today's article so I chose to go with it instead of the one that I had in mind for today. The other article will come out, or not, when it is supposed to, so I say, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." to the Universe, God, my guides and my angels for giving me the people above who inspired this article. Have a glorious day. I am enjoying the glorious sunshine coming in my office window as I sit here typing. It is warm and bright and glorious after all of the rain that we got here in Arkansas the past two days. Thank God that we didn't get the servere weather that was predicted.
Love to you all,


Corinne Edwards said...

Wow! Patricia, what a lovely compliment. I could and do say the same about you. Your words inspire me all the time.

Thank you so much.

Yes, although we have never met, I do consider you a dear friend!

Patricia Singleton said...

Corinne, thank you and you do inspire me too. Your articles always leave me thinking and coming back for more. The love that you feel and share for your friend Arline has enriched so many lives with your loving tribute and the comments of everyone else on your blog. We need more people like you and Arline in the world.

Pat R said...

Patricia - I read this and commented this morning - guess it didn't take. Thank you for including me in this gratitude post. I'm honored to have helped you in some way.

Your posts are always such a source of inspiration to me. You're authentic and real and tell it like you see it and feel it. I connect with that.

Keep sharing - I always learn something from it when you do.

Patricia Singleton said...

Pat,you are welcome. I grow and learn from your article too. Have a glorious day.

Paul Goldman said...

Just now discovering the art of spiritual blogging and sharing. Gratitude is profound for awakening me to my own divinity and deepening my connection to the Beloved.
What I am most grateful now for is the poetry that has been literally channeling through me these past seven months since participating in a Spiritual Awakening class where my wife and were blessed to hear from a fellow named Bill who was being channeled. Most of his insights about where we are headed were spot on. Now that I have found your blog, I look forward to reading more. Blessings, Paul Goldman, Spirit Poet/

Patricia Singleton said...

Paul, you are in for a wonderful, sometimes wild ride in spiritual blogging. I can't speak for other spiritual bloggers, but for myself, my topics for writing my blog are wide and varied.

Right now, if you read my most recent articles, you will see that I am going back to writing about my recovery from incest. Incest has been my most persistent story and lesson in this life time. I work on my incest issues for awhile and then I take a break for awhile.

I warn you that my incest articles can sometimes be very emotional and intense. Sometimes they are not. I attempt to talk about the recovery part but sometimes the emotions come through as well.

Welcome to the community of Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker. Enjoy the ride.