Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are You Judging Others As Less Spiritual Than You?

Yehuda Berg's Daily Kabbalah Tune Up on Monday, December 24, stated that "A common pitfall to avoid in spirituality is judging others as less spiritual than we are." This lesson was taught to me a few years ago and brought back to mind by this article.

Our ego likes to think it is bigger and better than others. About 2 years ago, my ego was doing some accessing of my spiritual growth and comparing it to where my husband appeared to be at the time.

My ego was feeling very smug and thinking I was so much better than my husband. Ego was patting itself on the back and laughing at Daniel, when suddenly I heard an inner voice say, "Maybe he is waiting on you to catch up to his growth level. Maybe he already did his spiritual growing in a past life and it is your turn to grow in this lifetime." What a shocking, enlightening idea!!! Ego drew back in anoyance at that idea.

I like that idea. We really don't see the bigger picture when we are comparing ourselves to others. I am grateful that Daniel has given me the space to do my own growing in my own way.

Who do you make judgments about that you are better than they are? Look deeper and see what gifts have come your way because of that person. Share those gifts with that person. Tell them how valuable they are to you. Tell them that you are grateful that they are in your life.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! The last paragraph says it all, insightfully and powerfully. It's such an important message to remember. Thank you!!

Patricia Singleton said...

Mother Wintermoon, glad you liked it. My husband has played a big part in teaching me to be humble. I dearly love him for it.

Deb Estep * said...

Dear Patricia,

Sounds like your DH is a
pillar of support to the serenity of your life. HUG HIM often.
My DH is very much the same. :)

Way too often a person is put down by the most significant person in their life and that can impede
one's spiritual forward progress.
been there DONE that in my 'other life'. I divorced that problem.

Bless those nudges from the other side that bring us higher awareness. I love how that put your ego right back in it's place.

Patricia Singleton said...

Deb, thanks for your comment. I do hug him often and tell him that I love him. I also thank him for loving me enough to stay.

Lyman said...

Great post, Patricia... thanks for giving my ego a bit of a knock this morning. It needed it. :)

Patricia Singleton said...

Lyman, glad I could help. I know my ego needs the same every so often.

January said...

Hi Patricia! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think it's awesome you did a post about judgment. A friend and I were just talking tonight about how we have become less judgmental with each humbling experience we have. You hit the nail on the head w/the last paragraph! Very insightful.

Patricia Singleton said...

January, You are welcome. Judgment is one of my biggest challenges. Glad I was able to be insightful.

Barbara said...

Hi Patricia,

As I read the title of your article all I could think of was a tape I had heard of Byron Katie speaking.

She was talking about Loving What Is and the four questions you ask yourself. I understand that you have been reading her work, so maybe you are familiar with what she said.

I paraphrase because I don't own the tape. Byron Katie was speaking to a young man about his own judgment and his distress over his family's judgment. And she said very simply, everything you do on this earth is a judgement so you might as well get used to it.

Since then, I don't worry as much about judgment. It just puts things in a different perspective minus some guilt.


Patricia Singleton said...

Barbara, thanks for your input. With the recent Christmas rush and so much travel, Katie's book has fallen into the background. It is one that I definitely need to get back to reading. It is nice to have someone like her agree with my opinion.

This is an article that I have been meaning to write for quite some time. The Kabbalah Tune-up was a reminder so I sat down and wrote the article before I could get busy and forget again.

Lorraine Cohen said...

Dear Patricia

This is such a great post. I can recall many times when my own ego and arrogance rose when speaking with certain people. It was a signal to me that my own worthiness issues were coming to the forefront at the expense of the people around me.

Reminders to look for the gifts pewople bring in each experienec whether the interactions is challeneging or easy is an important reminder when we remember that we are all connected in the consciousness of spirit.

Blessings to you all all that you are


Patricia Singleton said...

Lorraine, thanks for your comment.

Slade | Shift Your Spirits said...


Thank you so much for representing the kind of work I hope to inspire, and for acknowledging and believing in me.

Happy New Year with love!

Patricia Singleton said...

Slade, thank you. You definitely inspire me and I do believe in you. Have a glorious 2008.

Evelyn Lim said...

Hey Patricia,

Oh my! Thanks for the reminder: Always be humble!


Patricia Singleton said...

Evelyn, you are very welcome.