Saturday, December 7, 2013

Male Abuse Awareness Is Growing

This past week on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio host Patricia McKnight had a week of Male Abuse Awareness guest speakers. You can find those radio programs at the following links:

Male Abuse Awareness w/Philip Paris - 'MEN CRY ALONE'

Male Abuse Awareness w/ David Pittman & Blair Corbett

Male Abuse Awareness w/ Professor Dean H. McVay, Attorney

Male Abuse Awareness Talking Research

Male Abuse Awareness Domestic Violence Victims - 'Shame' the movie

Male Abuse Awareness Musicians Making A Difference

Male Abuse Awareness Features Bill Murray, Main Event

Male Abuse Awareness Week Event - Closing it out

I am pleased to see so many men starting to speak out about their own childhood abuses. Women started speaking out some time ago. Now that men are joining us, the true picture of just how bad childhood abuse really is becomes clearer and less easy for society and families to continue to ignore.  I am honored to call some of these male survivors my friend. The internet is where we all met. You don't have to listen to all of these programs at once. Take your time and listen to them. The programs are archived for listening at your convenience. But please do listen to them and share them with your friends. We all do this to educate others and to offer support to all survivors.

I have one more link that I want to share with you before I close. It is a tribute to a great man and world leader who died this week - Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 R.I.P. This wonderful tribute is written by another male survivor friend of mine who calls his blog "The Wounded Warrior".  Here is the link to the blog article:

Hope you all are having a glorious weekend. See you again soon.


Lynn C. Tolson said...

Thank you Patricia for compiling this list of shows regarding male abuse awareness.

Patricia Singleton said...

Lynn, You are very welcome. Thank you for all of your support. ((((Hugs))))

Jean Marie said...

Glad awareness is growing. Great list.

"Please do not let stigmas created by perpetrators, to protect perpetrators, cause you to misjudge a victim. Sexual abuse does not make male survivors perpetrators. Perpetrators make themselves, by choosing to take pleasure from abusing. Men and women can both be perpetrators, so don't misjudge a female perpetrator by trusting them, and don't misjudge a victim of a female perpetrator by not believing them."

Patricia Singleton said...

Jean Marie, Thank you. Your words are very wise. Perpetrators do belong to both sexes just like survivors are both male and female. Many still don't want to acknowledge that child abuse is so big of a problem but it is and that is why I and many others keep writing and speaking out about it. Only with awareness can we change anything.