Sunday, July 21, 2013

Silence Allows Child Abuse To Continue - I Will Not Be Silenced!

"I can't read this stuff anymore."  This is the second comment of this sort that I have received over the past two days in response to the abuse articles that I post on my Facebook page. This particular response came under the following article with the title of "Father who killed his daughter, 3, with an 'immense' blow to the stomach and failed to call for help jailed for seven years." Here is the link to the article if you want to read it. I warn you, it isn't an easy article to read. I also wonder why such a light sentence - 7 years for killing a 3-year-old - was given?

Anyone who enjoys reading this stuff is sick. I don't read them because I enjoy them. I don't share them because I want someone to enjoy reading them. I want you to read them so that you are educated about child abuse. It isn't an imaginary thing that is happening to someone else. Children are getting abused every day and every day, children, like this 3-year-old, are dying. She is one of the few that we know about. Society - people, families, neighbors, aunts and uncles - don't acknowledge child abuse and then do something to stop it nearly enough. There are still too many children who are being abused and nobody does anything to stop it until it is too late, like for this little girl who died at the hands of someone who should have loved and protected her. Instead he killed her. He got seven years. She got death. Is that fair? She died before she had a real chance to live. Are you as outraged as I am over his seven year sentence?

Our court systems aren't giving heavy enough sentences, in my opinion, especially with cases of child molestation. Many are getting light sentences, as short as 3 years or less, and then they are back out abusing more children. I see this every day in the articles that I read. I question the thinking of the judges that put them back out on the streets so quickly. I question the society that I live in that allows this to happen. Why aren't more people joining me and voicing their concerns?

Back to my readers' comments from Facebook. The first person told me that she had to sort thru so much garbage (my word, not hers) to get to the gems (her word) that I share. I share both - garbage and gems. I do share a lot of inspiring stuff on my page to conteract the darkness of the evil in the articles that I also share. I told this person that it was okay with me if she unfriended me on Facebook if she had trouble with what I put on my page. I also told her that I won't stop posting about the evil side of child abuse.

Why do I continue to share this crap? Because we have to know what is happening if we have any chance of changing it and stopping it. It is my prayer that one day there will be no more child abuse articles to share. Will I stop because, as my friend above says, she can't read anymore? No, I won't. The topic of child abuse and stopping it is too important.

Too many of us have been silent for too long. Please join me in using your Facebook page, Twitter page and your blog, if you have one, as a weapon against those who commit child abuse. Don't let abusers continue to maim and murder their children in silence. Join me and break the silence of child abuse. Even those of us who survived a childhood of abuse still have invisible scars that affect our lives even as adults. If you are an adult survivor, share your story with someone. By sharing your story, you may be giving someone else the permission that they need to tell their own stories. Be sure to share your healing too. By sharing your healing, you may inspire someone else to take the first step on their own healing journey. If you don't like what I share on my Facebook page or here on my blog - good. I don't like it either. But I won't stop sharing as long as child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, is still happening.


Mary Graziano said...

Thank you so much for writing this article Pat.It is so important, and I agree with you 100%. If we don't use our voice then who will? We the survivors have the chance to make things right. I know that it won't end child abuse, but it will make people hopefully realize how wrong, how the innocence of a child is so precious, and how much they need us. "I can't read this garbage anymore?" That is what so many others say, and I just wish that they understood the severity of child abuse, and I know this person does, so that really floored me that she would say that. All abuse is wrong, we are all trying to fight this fight and unite together. By being here on facebook, on our blogs, that is the way we can support one another. I have had friends unfriend me or take me off so they couldn't see my posts, but that won't stop me. I too post a lot of abuse pictures/poems etc. and some silly things etc. but no-one is going to tell me that I cannot put up abuse articles and such on my own timeline. I even made a post on my timeline, that if they don't like seeing it, then remove me from their friends. My own brother removed me because he couldn't take seeing the abuse articles and pics. But I think he is feeling guilty because of my dad abusing me, I don't know but that is what I was told. My blog is there for everyone to see, and it is only about abuse, my abuse and now about children, we will continue this fight together, and be there for each other in this fight..Keep up the great work Pat..You inspire me and so many others my dear friend.Love you..<3

Patricia Singleton said...

Mary, Thank you, my friend. Your poetry inspires me with its beauty. It saddens me that some don't understand what we are doing. Denial has gone on for to long. Love you too.


Patricia, if they get fed up with all the bad news you're sharing, they can simply turn off your notifications or choose not to read it. Yes, you post a lot of stuff but for the most important reason in the world: our children. Today's children are tomorrow's adults and depending on what's happening to them every day, they can turn out to be tomorrow's abusers and murderers themselves. Or they will be so messed up they can't function in society. Or they will turn to drugs, prostitution, you name it. And these offenders get 7 years for killing a child? I certainly understand your anger and support you all the way. Silence simply allows more violence to happen. I also refuse to be silent!

Patricia Singleton said...

Cruiseroo, Thank you for your comment, your support and for sharing your blog where you too address incest and its effects upon children.

IAMicried said...

I applaud you for sharing these horrific child abuse stories. As an Incest Survivor, unfortunately I know the effects of keeping abuse “hush hush”. “Don’t rock the boat, now”. “Oh, the harm you will cause by telling anyone”. Give me a break!!! Those people trying to prevent US from revealing to others the TRUTH about what is happening are no different than the abusers. In fact, THEY are the reason the abuse continues. They are the reason; there is pain, suffering, hate & evil in the world. They hide in their pretty little world, with their rosy cheeks, & painted-on smiles. Yes, the real world is ugly, painful, & hateful; but it doesn’t have to be. Thank goodness, Patricia, that you have the fire inside you to bust through “the garbage” of today to create a better tomorrow for generations to come. That will be your legacy. And on a personal note, I would have BLOCKED the person on face book myself; instead of giving them that option. Have a blessed day! Keep up the good work, my friend!

☂Visions ☂ of ☂Rainbows☂

Patricia Singleton said...

IAMicried, Thank you for your support. I don't block them unless they cross the line into disrespect and name-calling. Those I will not tolerate on my Facebook page, Twitter or here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I thank you and them for speaking out. I need to be reminded every now and then that denial is still out there. I also need to be reminded that what is happening to our children is horrible and unimaginable for many of us. I don't want to ever become desensitized to this kind of child abuse.

I would rather give the other person the choice of blocking or unfriending me rather than me blocking or unfriending them. Who knows something in my reply or in something else that I post tomorrow or the next day might wipe away their denial and open their eyes to the abuse of a child.

I have a friend on Facebook that asked me sometime last year why I posted what I do on my Facebook page. I told him that I am an advocate to stop child abuse in all of its many forms and that I post those things to educate others and to stop denial. He is the one that suggested that I also post inspiring stuff which I took his suggestion to heart and I do which makes me feel better too. He follows me today and occasionally comments on Facebook about something that I have posted.

I thank you for your support and your comment. Together we can stop child abuse.

jessica solsona said...

Wow!! Love the way you written it! My step father got out very fast because my mom protected him and never told all that he did! Till this day he says that I deserved it because he had paid for my medical bills and put a roof over my head and I was not even his! My mother did nothing! So I pretty much am sick of seeing this continue! You are so amazing! ;)

Patricia Singleton said...

Jessica, Thank you. I appreciate your words of support. I am so sorry that you were abused by your step father. It was never your fault. Your mother should have protected you.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the ones who cannot read those stories, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for what you are doing...I try to help in my own way. I KNOW that by sharing the stories, you are helping someone. I thank you and will never stand in your way.

Patricia Singleton said...

Anonymous, Thank you. I really don't post this stuff for survivors. We already know the horrors of child abuse. I do it for those who aren't aware of what is going on in their own families, communities and the world. You are very welcome and I thank you for your support. I read some of them and cry for the child that was abused. I read some of them and get so angry that I want to hit something. I read some and I ask why is this horror allowed by the adults who should be protecting those children? I don't want to ever become desensitized to child abuse and I hope nobody else does either.