Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 Blog Links Love

It is time for to share more of the blogs that I have read this month. Let me and them know what you found interesting or educating. Warning: Some of these may be triggers if you are a survivor.

1.  From the blog, Evil Sits at the Dinner Table, the article entitled "Denial, Repression, and Dissociation in Child Sexual Abusers @

2.  A second blog post from the blog, Evil Sits at the Dinner Table, the article is "Suburban Secrets: Affluent, Well-Dressed Fathers Sometimes Rape Their Children" @

3.  This one is an article from The New York Times and is about the Catholic Church and Survivors' Network. The name of the article is "Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims' Group found at the following link @

4. The blog is called The Secret Survivor and the post is listed under Poems as "Incested" and "A Choice". Here is the link @

5.  The blog is called Get the Lid OFF! and the article is "OTB... Cont'd ~ It Wasn't Enough" found at the following link @

6.  With this blog, take you pick of what you want to read. They are all encouraging and uplifting.  pinwheel girls: helping women be true to themselves is one of my favorites to read every week. Here is the link @

7.  Silence Is Not Golden is the next site to visit. You will find the JustJess Blog and other information for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse at the link @

8.  At the blog healthpsychologyconsultancy blog, you will find the following article: "Counsellor Training: The Importance of Personal Life History" @

9.  School Bullying Council wrote the blog post "Teens join anti-bullying effort" @

10.  The last website is called Who Invented The Internet. The article is "Stop Bullying Now: What should I do if I'm being bullied?" @


BeaBTodd said...

I just recently stumbled onto your blog and I so greatly respect and appreciate you for providing resources and stories of encouragement to those in abuse situations or those trying to recover.

Do you ever accept submissions for book reviews? I recently published my story in my book, "Appalachian Child: The Chronicles of an Abused Child & Her Journey to Survival."

I would so love the opportunity to share my story with others! Please let me know and I will kindly get you a copy!


Patricia Singleton said...

Bea, thank you. Welcome to my blog. For anyone that is interested in reading more about Bea's book, just click on her name above. I sent you an email about the book review.

celesteka said...

Thank you for posting these faluable resources. Years ago when I first began to remember the incest I was referred to several of these books. I had forgotten about most of them. Now is a good time to reread some of these and hopefully have time to read others I didn't know about. The resources helped me see things about myself that needed healing.

I always have hope !

Patricia Singleton said...

Celesteka, you are very welcome. I am glad that my resources list is helpful to you.