Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Blog Link Love

Here are links to some of the blogs that I have read during the month of February 2012.

1.  Why Do You Blog? written by Christian Hollingsworth on his blog smart boy designs @

2.  This post is called "About a Boy." It comes from the blog Soulseeds that I have been reading for a very short while. I love the job that the mother does in answering your son. Here is the link:

3.  Daily Om: As the Earth Allows the Rain, Sitting With Feelings @

4.  The Wounded Warrior: Leaving the Shadows of Child Sexual Abuse at healthpsychologyconsultancy blog @

5. This blog link is to an incest survivor blog so use caution when visiting. I read several blog articles on the blog Get This. I chose the About Me post to introduce you to this blogger. You choose if you want to go any further @

6.  This blog post is from a friend who hasn't been blogging much lately so I  was really pleased to receive this blog post in my email a few days ago. Albert, at UrbanMonk.Net blog, is a young man with a lot of wisdom for his age. His post is called "Self-Blame and Taking Responsibility". You will find his post at the following link:

7.  justjess, One Survivor To Another is a new blog that I only recently discovered and liked all of the articles that I read so I am sharing the whole blog rather than just one of Jess's articles with you. Here is the link to her blog:  Some of the articles may be triggering.

8.  This article is from my friend Dan L. Hays, who like me is an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. The post is called "Walk In His Shoes" and can be found at the following link:

9.  SHATTERED INTO ONE PIECE is the name of the next blog written by an abuse survivor.  This one may need a Trigger Warning also. Here is the link:

10.  The last blog for this month is called My Life as a Strife Survivor. The article that I read is called "The Dark Hour" and can be found at the following link:  The arthor herself gives a Warning of confrontation at the beginning of the post.

I am thinking about sharing links like these once a month. Let me know how you feel about that and the blogs that I am sharing. I have read so many great articles this month that I found it difficult to keep my offerings down to just 10 but I don't want to overwhelm anyone with the numbers either. I won't say that I hope you will enjoy my selection of posts because enjoy is not the right word to use when talking about incest or any form of child abuse. I hope that they will inspire you and give you awarenesses that you didn't have before reading them.


Lynn C. Tolson said...

Patricia, this is a great activity. Survivors went from zero voice and no sharing. Now, many are speaking out! It's good to have a you note them and share. I appreciate trigger warnings. Cheers! Lynn

Patricia Singleton said...

Lynn, thank you. I remember the 1970's when I could only find 3 books in the county library about sexual abuse. I remember the 1980's when I first told my husband and sister about the incest and there was no one else to talk to who understood what I was feeling and that could tell me the incest wasn't my fault. That is why I use my blog, Facebook and Twitter to talk about healing from incest. I don't want another survivor to feel as alone as I did in the beginning.