Monday, July 21, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Irene Seah from "Light Beckons" tagged me for this meme. You will find Irene's list of "10 Things . . ." at . Anyone that wants to participate by making and posting your own list, feel free to.

Here is my list of "10 Things That Make Me Happy":

1. Spending time with my family. My sister has been visiting more often lately and I have been thoroughly enjoying our time together. We have become friends as well as sisters. My mother-in-law is coming to visit for my husband's birthday in two weeks. I am blessed with a mother-in-law with common interests and that I really like, as well as love, her. Family can be our greatest teachers in life.

2. Being around trees makes me happy. This was on Irene's list too. I just love trees, their greeness, their groundedness, the majesty of reaching up to the sky, their age. Just think of all of the history that trees see in their lifetimes. Trees offer us shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. They give us variety in what we see.

3. Again, like Irene, I love music. There are songs that make me soar and songs that make me sad. There are voices lifted in song that leave me awe struck with tears of joy in my eyes. I am one of those people that when I hear a song, I just have to sing along if I know the words or I will hum along if I don't know the words. Music moves me, literally. One of my first experiences in an Indian ashram was when I got poked from an Indian woman sitting behind me because I was swaying to the beat of the music. She wanted me to sit still. I would miss music more than anything else if I ever lost my hearing.

4. Friends bring me joy. Talking with them. Visiting with them. Just being with them. I am a "people" person.

5. Writing is important to me. It gives me the joy of expressing myself in written form where I can see my thoughts in writing as well as hear them in my head. I love the comments that people leave on my blog. I love the written form of emails and hand-written letters coming through regular mail. Being able to edit my thoughts on paper and watching the power of the statement change by deleting or adding one or more words is a wonderful experience to me. The written word can exert such power. Look at all of the books that we read. Some are several hundred years old or older and are still exerting power over our lives. Incredible!!!

6. The growth from my spiritual journey brings me joy. Looking back to where I come from and seeing the growth and maturity of where I am today is great. Knowing who I am today brings me joy.

7. Books make me happy. I am an avid reader. I usually have at least 2-4 books scattered around the house that I read and absorb a little at a time. I love knowledge. I love the wisdom that I get from books that share the experiences of other people. I love a good book of fiction that lets me escape from my own problems for short periods of time. I love non-fiction books which teach me something that I want to know. I love books that take me on journeys that I might not be able to go on without the pages of my books.

8. I love my church. I love the building and I love the people. It is a small church in the Bible Belt of the South. My church has a "bad" reputation with a lot of people in Hot Springs, Arkansas because we dare to be different. My church houses people who believe in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Wicca, Edgar Cayse, a Course in Miracles, and God in all forms. We are surrounded by Baptist churches and Churches of Christ and Catholic churches to name a few. We choose to be different. I guess you could call us a church of rebels. My church makes me happy.

9. Babies in any form, human and animal, make me happy. The only time that I feel that my heart is totally open and loving is when I am around a baby. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be that open all the time.

10. Smiling makes me happy. How much do you smile? Smiling is the simplest thing that you can do that will shift your thoughts and feelings. Smile today at everyone that you meet. Start the day by smiling at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth or brush your hair.


Irene | Light Beckons said...

Wow Patricia ... you've just reminded me of more things that make ME happy too! And I'm like waaay past #50 on my happy list, LOL! I thought the poking incident while you were swaying during meditation was really funny. And smiling to yourself while brushing your teeth - gosh I gotta try that! Love your list Patricia. :)

Patricia Singleton said...

Irene, I am glad you liked my list. It is always good to be reminded of our blessings and what makes us feel happy.

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Patricia,

I KNEW you would include writing, as your words reflect your love of sharing with others.

Family, friends and church are great favorites.

Patricia Singleton said...

Barbara, I have been writing journals since I was a kid and I have always loved writing letters to friends and family. Thank you.

River of Karma said...

Hello Xena,
Your post's display how strong a person you're turning into. God Bless you because you really make us all feel good.


Patricia Singleton said...

River of Karma, thank you for the words of praise.

Mother Earth said...

this list is simply you - wonderful

Patricia Singleton said...

Mother Earth, thank you so much. I needed to hear that tonight.

Retha said...

Beautiful stuff, Patricia... Really beautiful. Read this as I was having my first cup of coffee for the day just after waking up, and what a great way to start my Saturday. Thank you. Hugs.

Patricia Singleton said...

Retha, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I, too, am having my first cup of coffee of the morning. I just read my list again. It is a great way to start a Saturday morning. You are very welcome. Hope you are having a glorious weekend.

Mystic_Mom said...

I'm at almost 800 items in my gratitude journal but to try and put down the 10 things that make me happy, well looking at your list you've got many of the same as I do. I'm going to link back to you and share my own...if not tonight then tomorrow! What a great way to encourage and inspire us to look at the things that bring us joy.

Patricia Singleton said...

Mystic Mom,I love gratitude journals. I gave them out as Christmas gifts a few years ago. We need to be reminded of what makes us happy and grateful sometimes. We shouldn't concentrate on just the pain in our lives. We need to remember the good too. Thanks for the link back when you get your post written. Glad that we have become friends.