Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Is God?

This week in reading some articles written by Lyman Reed from his blog "Creating a Better Life," I ran across two videos of information by the creators of As I told Lyman in a comment, I bought one of the Abraham books sometime in the past six months. When it came in the mail, I immediately misplaced the book. I wasn't ready to receive the information that was in it. I had some internal resistance to the Abraham material. Maybe the timing was off.

After seeing the two videos, one of which is the reason that I am writing this article, I have changed my mind and intend to find the book. I am interested in the material after watching the video "Abraham-Hicks Video: What is God?" You will find this video at Lyman's "Creating a Better Life" at .

Esther Hicks is the one presenting the video. Below you will find the notes that I took while watching the video "What is God?". These are the words that Esther said that resonated with me.

God is so much more than man's image of God, man's image of who God is.

In seeing himself as inferior to God, man has further separated himself from God.

In reaching for God, we push Him away by making him out there separate from ourselves.

Who am I? You are good.

How am I doing? Exceptionally well.

Being the God that you are in the physical form, you are the God that is the creator of your reality.

Thank you Lyman for sharing these videos. I invite you all to go to Lyman site and watch these wonderful videos if you haven't seen them already.

About ten years ago, I was sitting in a Unity church class trying to describe my image of God. I remember the "ah-ha" moment that I had when I realized that in trying to describe God, that image had changed. I made a huge leap forward in my understanding of God and my relationship to God in that moment. I still can't describe God to you. I doubt that anyone can. Like Lyman said in his article, God is so far beyond our understanding. Can you truly imagine what being omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient means? I can't. My little mind just can't imagine that big. That night I realized as I grew spiritually, so did my idea of what God is truly like. Have a glorious day.


Lyman Reed said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Patricia... they really resonated with me. Even what you said about the internal resistance to the Abraham material. It was quite a while between the time that I "heard of" Abraham and started "hearing" them.

For me, "alcoholic" and "depressive" were my labels of choice. But I liked what you said about using these things as points of reference, rather than as a definition of who we are.

Thank you.

Patricia Singleton said...

Lyman, you are very welcome. An online friend suggested that I add the line about the "points of reference" when she read where I had left it in a comment on someone else's blog.

Patricia Singleton said...

Lyman Reed has a wonderful article that gives you more information about Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham. You will find the article with a list of other articles that I intend to spend time reading over the next week at . Check it out if you would like to know more about Hicks-Abraham material.

Stephen Hopson said...


What is God, indeed? It is "Good Orderly Direction"! :)

Seriously though, I've also become an Abraham-Hicks fan, having read a few of their books such as "Ask and You Shall Be Given."

The notes that you took really hit it on the nose. Despite the notes, God is still so big, it boggles the mind. The notes were at least a good start in that direction.

Indeed, in good orderly direction!

Patricia Singleton said...

Stephen, thanks for your comment. I still have to find the book that I bought. I think Ask and You Shall Be Given is the one that I ordered. I now look forward to reading it.

Pat said...

Patricia - I listened to some of Abraham and Ester Hicks' tapes some time ago and what came across seemed so simple yet profound.

I don't think our thinking can perceive God but our essence and spirit can because there are no limitations as there are with words and thoughts.

Thank you for your thought-provoking post.

Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, you are welcome. I haven't commented recently on any of your posts. I am enjoying reading them. Your wisdom is shining through from each of your posts. For any of my readers who haven't checked out Pat's blog, just click on her name and it will take you there.

Aparna said...

Happy Easter.

Patricia Singleton said...

Aparna, thank you and the same to you.

Jason said...

What a wonderful blog you have!

Please feel free to promote your posts on my spiritual voting site at and help spread the light!


Paula Kawal | Journey Inward Productions said...

Hey Patricia!

I was resistant to Abraham-Hicks at first too, then I just allowed myself to be with the material in Ask and It Is Given and found that it resonated at the highest spiritual levels I've experienced.

The coincidences are marvelous!

Much love,


Geniyyah said...

I had the same experience with my Abraham-Hicks book, Pat... I bought it last year... but never finished reading it. I don't know why I wasn't ready, and don't know if I'm ready now. I will watch the videos later from the Computer Center downtown. I'm on dialup at home. Your blog is mind expanding.

Patricia Singleton said...

Paula, the book that I ordered, lost, found and am now reading is The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. I have no clue where my resistance to reading this material came from. I have read other channeled material and had no problem with it. I really resonate with the little that I have read so far. The saying "When you are ready, the teacher will present himself." is true.

Patricia Singleton said...

Geniyyah, When you are ready, the book will be there. Every where that I look today, the information seems to be mind blowing. We are so blessed to have been born in this time of history.

Patricia Singleton said...

Jason, thanks. Glad you like my blog. I will check out your site. I have been away from the computer for a few days on a mini-vacation.