Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Talk About Spirit Guides Teleconference With Andrea Hess And Slade Roberson

Saturday afternoon, November 17, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. C. S. T., I was on the phone for the first teleconference that I have ever participated in. I was on the listening end of the conversation. The teleconference was done by two of my favorite spiritual bloggers---Andrea Hess and Slade Roberson. If you have never checked out their blogs, just click on the links below.

You will find Andrea at .

You can find Slade at .

Both of these spiritual bloggers have added to my spiritual growth by sharing their particular areas of expertise. I don't know if either of them considers themselves as experts on their subjects. Those are my words.

Today's teleconference was about Spirit Guides and how to connect with yours. I took nine pages of written notes from the phone conversation which lasted a little over an hour.

The first advise that Andrea gave to us was to tell us to each find our own unique way of contacting our spirit guides.

Slade told us to let go of any expectations that we may have about what our guides should look like, sound like or how they should connect with us.

Slade and Andrea both talked about how our guides are with us from birth so we are very familiar with their energy and what it feels like to have them near us so that most of us know they are there and have forgotten because of the familiarity. We are so used to having them around that it isn't a part of our consciousness for most of us.

Your guides can work through a voice or voices that you hear in your head. (No, you are not crazy, but your ego will ask if you are.) Hunches and intuition can come from your guides. Repetition can be used by your guides to get your attention. Ex.: Hearing the title of a book over and over again. Hearing the same song over and over again may be a message. A word that keeps coming to mind over and over again may be a signal for something. Symbols, numbers, anything that you keep hearing or seeing over and over again may be a message that your guides are attempting to get your attention.

Andrea said that your guides always work in the present moment. Information is for now, not next week. The future has different possibilities and different paths than today.

Andrea and Slade are both going to be doing future teleconferences so go to their sites and keep up to date by subscribing to their blogs. I look forward to future teleconferences from both of them. Thanks to you both for a very enjoyable hour.

A relatively new blog that I discovered this week, that you can also check out is called Spiritual Drifts from The River of Karma. He still hasn't told me how he decided on River of Karma as a name. I really like it. You will find this blog at

Another favorite of mine that I hope is back for good after a little hiatus is Damian at . Damian provided the inspiration for my The Most Influencial Person series that were some of my first articles that I wrote for my blog back in June and July 2007.

I am amazed that I have actually been blogging for such a short period of time. Writing and blogging are two of my most joyful activities that I have ever done. I have also done some tremendous growth because of some of the articles. Revisiting some of my childhood has been painful, which I didn't expect it to be. What the pain told me was that some areas still need more work. My goal with writing the incest articles is to offer others the knowledge that they can heal as I heal. This is my journey.

Thanks to those of you who are reading this and have joined me with your own healing journeys. We are all connected. We are all one. As one of us heals, it affects all of us.

Have a glorious Thanksgiving Day. My husband, son and I will be visiting family in Louisiana. I will be busy cooking all day Wednesday. I enjoy cooking for special family occasions. It is a chance to make old, much loved recipes like pumpkin pie and Southern cornbread dressing like my mother used to make. I also love to find some new, untried recipe to tempt appetites with.


jen_chan, writer said...

A family friend actually has strong psychic ability and is able to see and communicate with guides. In my experience, my guide can throw in some pretty funny (for me) advices. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for introducing readers and lurkers (like me) to other bloggers as well!

Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

Hi Patricia,

Thanks so much for mentioning our teleclass on your blog! I just want to add that the recording of the call is still available on my site, and I know Slade will make it available to subscribers on his, too! Right now, people can find it at

Thanks again for listening and supporting us!

Many blessings,

Patricia Singleton said...

Jen_chan, you are welcome. Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

Patricia Singleton said...

Andrea, you are welcome. I am glad you mentioned the recording. The teleconference was well worth calling in for. You two were informative, friendly, and funny at times. You worked well together as if you had both been doing this for a long time. You blended well. Thanks to you and Slade for sharing the information in a constructive way in which others could benefit from it.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Cool blogs! Thanks for the links. I'll give them a deeper look after I get back from my vacation. We're really not "cruising"-type people, but with virtually no family to support us, we've decided to go on a Disney cruise. It's supposed to have a lot of activities for our kid and opportunities for Mom and Dad to get a break and have a little much-needed romance! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with blessings.

Patricia Singleton said...

Marj, they are cool blogs. Have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it. Have fun and romance is always good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

River of Karma said...

Thank you Patricia for the special mention. I'm honored.

I got special mention on Praticia's blog - (Yay)

Btw, I decided on River of Karma after 2 days worth of nick rejection from Google. So I decided on something unique, hence River of Karma. I've come to love RoK.

Thank you again Patricia. You've made my day.


Patricia Singleton said...

River of Karma, you are very welcome.

Pat R said...

Patricia - it was good to talk to you briefly on another one of Andrea's teleconferences the other night (What You Don't Know Can Serve You). I've asked Andrea but will also ask you if you have the link to the tape of this teleconference "Managing Your Spirit Guides". Missed it and wanted to listen to it. Sounds like you got a lot of information. I've had a number of experiences throughout my life that I'm now discovering were my Spirit Guides but didn't acknowledge them. Now, I interested in doing that.

As always, love your posts and look forward to reading more.

Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, I have been meaning to contact you and tell you how much I enjoyed our brief meeting over the teleconference too. I don't have a copy of the tape to this session that Slade and Andrea did. It was very informative with lots of interaction between Slade and Andrea. You would have thought that the two of them had worked together for years.

I am starting to look at my own Spirit guide experiences in a different light as well. I never actually called them by name or acknowledged that the information was coming from my guides. I have used the information without even thinking about where it might be coming from until recently. I am reading Andrea's book right now and beginning to work with the exercises in it. It is exciting to be working to actively increase my intuitive powers and my contact with my guides.