Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Language Of Mastery

I recently took a one day workshop called Language of Mastery. The instructor, Coleman Kelly, has given his permission for me to supply his email address to any of my readers who may have questions or who may be interested in setting up a Language of Mastery workshop in your area. Coleman does travel to do workshops.

The email for Coleman Kelly is .

Here is an example of what I learned in the workshop about changing my choice of thoughts and words.

Original thought:
I don't seem to be manifesting what I want in my life.
(Want equals lack. I discussed this in my first article on Conscious Language which you will find at .)

Better choice:
I am manifesting my abundance. I am rich.
(Manifesting---any "ing" word---is in the future. You want to manifest in the present.)

Best choices:
I manifest my abundance. I am rich.
I express the abundance that I know I am.

One very important activity that I sometimes forget to do (Change that to: I choose to do) is to breathe. Holding your breath holds you back. (Change that to: To move forward, I choose to breathe.
Even better: To move forward, I breathe.)

Another thing that I learned in the workshop is that eating a lot of sugar is usually a sign of a person who is avoiding grief. The same is true for a person with a blood sugar problem such as diabetes. You feel like the sweetness of life is gone. Coleman told us that suppressed grief is waiting to be transmuted into joy.

Using the above information, here is the process that I went through in the class. The words in italics are the thoughts of the wounded little girl that still lives inside of me.

1. Eating too much sugar, having a blood sugar problem
Are you avoiding grief?

2. Grief about what?
People don't love me. They use me. They abuse me.

At this point, I was crying. Tears are a sign that says this is a core issue.

3. (New thought) I choose to feel with ease.
Avoiding grief means not feeling the grief and the underlying pain. I personally stuff feelings down with food. Others may use alcohol, drugs, smoking, excessive exercise, sex, etc.
I choose to feel with ease gives me permission to access the feelings. Feeling emotions allows me to release them.

4. (New thought) I choose to feel my connection to myself---to my body.
As an incest survivor, I disconnected from my feelings and my body years ago. In order to heal, I choose to feel my connection to myself and to my body.

5. (New thought) I choose to love myself.
As an incest survivor, for years I hated myself. I didn't think that I was lovable.

6. (New thoughts)
I love myself.
I love my body.
I feel.
I am lovable.
I am love.
I love.

At the beginning of the above process, I felt grief, hurt and sadness.
At the end of the process, I felt a release of the grief and a return to joy. I felt love for myself.

Some other conscious language statements to use:
1. I am Light and Love. (Light and love leave no room for grief or sadness.)

2. I am connected to the Source of All that is.

3. I am connected to my Higher Self.

4. I choose to understand. I really choose to understand.

This article is my interpretation of what I have learned so far about the use of Conscious Language. My ideas of how it works will probably change as I learn more. What I have shared is my understanding of how the process works. Remember that I am just beginning to learn how to do this.

I choose to learn more. I grow as I learn. My understanding changes as I grow. For more information, contact Coleman Kelly or go to the website listed at the beginning of the article.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Very cool post. Paying attention to my breathing has really helped me, I've noticed.

Lately, in conjunction with my therapy, I've really been allowing myself to grieve. Come to think of it, I've craved sugar much less! I used to be a real sugar-aholic. A happy bonus is that I've lost 15 pounds since May! :) Thanks for this feel-good post!

Patricia Singleton said...

Marj, you are very welcome. Congratulations on the 15-pound weight loss. I lost 10+ pounds durning my India trip and am determined to keep it off. Sugar alone isn't my problem area. When I am in the overeating mode, it is food in any shape and form. If there was no such thing as chocolate, I would have absolutely no problem leaving sugar alone.

Liara Covert said...

Eating habits often reveal symptoms of something unacknowledged at a deeper level. When someone eats or drinks large quantities of anything, they do not initially notice. As awareness is raised, then the meaning can be explored. Your post about sugar offers intriguing food for thought. Some people adamantly avoid sugar and/or certain substances out of self-discipline, due to allergies or, reasons of avoidance that they have yet to acknowledge. The more you open up to possibilities, the more you can learn about yoruself.

Patricia Singleton said...

Liara, yes, avoidance can tell you as much as your reasons overindulging if you are willing to do the work required to find the truth.

Anonymous said...

I hope for your sake when it comes your turn to die that you have changed your concept of believing in varied religions to the only way to God. If that does not happen you will remember this comment through out all of eternity and it will have a tormenting effect upon you because you did not accept the reality of this.

Jesus the Son of God is the only way to what you are looking for. That is not restrictive but freeing. He is the only that loved and loves you enough to die in your place and be raised from the dead. None of your spiritual leaders have done that. Here is the difference between religion and Christianity. Religion and all of your efforts to reach God are futile, that is what religion is mans attempt to reach God. Christianity on the other hand is God reaching down to all of mankind in the person of His Son. For those that accept the Free gift of His redemptive work can enter into what the Bible calls perfect peace. In Hebrew that means peace peace. That is what you and all who believe as you do are looking for, and that is why you are on a constant journey because you have actually not found or experienced it yet. I hope you do before it is too late.

Patricia Singleton said...

Anonymous, thank you for your opinion. None of us have the answers to what happens when we die. Jesus is my Savior to use the words of Christianity. I believe that and so much more. I believe that Jesus is a Son of God. We all are. Jesus himself tells us that we can all do the things that he did and more. I find peace in that. Thank you for your concern.