Friday, June 15, 2007

I Am A Writer

I was talking with a friend recently that I haven't talked to in awhile. I told him about my blog and the articles that I have been writing. I told him that I have 2 big notebooks that I write in before I go to the website to write my articles. I also have a small notebook that fits in my purse and goes everywhere with me so when an idea hits, I can write it down for expanding on later.

My friend has been doing some major writing of his own since we last talked. When I told him about my notebooks, he said, "Guess what? You are a writer." I said, "Yes, I know."

I am beginning to feel like a writer and I like that. I decided to claim this as my own. Yes, I am a writer. My friend Slade has been encouraging me to write since we met last September through his website Shift Your Spirits.

Since I laid claim to the title of writer officially just 2 weeks ago, inspiration has come to me from every direction---TV commercials, email conversations, newsletter articles I have read, telephone conversations with friends, songs from the radio, and my minister at church on Sunday mornings. Thank you Universe/God/Goddess for the encouragement and inspiration.

Right now, I am riding on a wave of emotions---excitement, wonder, joy and fear all mixed in together. I am doing my darnedess to not let the fear win. I am pushing myself to keep moving forward.

Last night my daughter and I were emailing back and forth. I asked if she had read any of my articles yet. She said she had subcribed to my newsletter. Christie said that she has already found out some things about me that she didn't know. I forgot that there are still some mysteries about me where my family is concerned.

Both of my children know the general details of my childhood incest issues. They were teenagers when I told them and my mother about the incest. Some things have been easier to share with complete strangers than with my family.

When I had been in counseling and worked on my issues for a few years, I decided it was time to tell my family. My husband already knew. My reasons for telling the family secrets at that time had to do with the fact that some of my dad's brothers and sisters did not understand why I didn't want my dad in my life. I told my children, my mother, my brother and sister before I wrote a letter to my dad's mother, brother and sisters telling them all about the abuse. That is a story to include in another article.

I know that I still have to write a Biography---Part 2, as well. Writing Biography---Part 1 bought up unexpected emotions that surprised me and I am still looking at my reaction.

My daughter told me she was glad that I am writing my blog. It feels good to have the support of my family and friends with this project.


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed you ARE a writer. You also write WELL.

I can feel your excitement at claiming all your experiences and tieing them together with a sense of purpose that others may benefit from.

I can't encourage you enough. I know how this impacts YOU -- and I can't wait to hear about how your words impact others.

THAT is the magic that will blow you away and keep you here, shining out loud and strong.

Patricia Singleton said...

Get the image of a big chessair (don't know if I spelled that right) cat in your mind. That is me enjoying your comments. I told some of my friends at church earlier that I would be emailing them my new blog address soon so they could check out my site. I am feeling more courageous about this project.

Patricia Singleton said...

Hi everyone. This article was accepted into the August 5, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Creative Growth. You can find the articles for this carnival at