Saturday, July 25, 2015

Healing The Writer: A Personal Account of Overcoming PTSD Book Review

Healing The Writer: A Personal Account of Overcoming PTSD is the second published book by my friend Dan L. Hays. It isn't the second book Dan has written. It is the second one that he published. Healing The Writer is Dan's story of why the first books weren't published and the healing that had to take place for Dan to be able to write again and become a published writer.  

Dan's is a story of healing from PTSD and facing fearful memories that his inner child blocked from adult Dan's memory for years. Through inner child exercises, over a period of time, Dan is able to get little Danny to tell his secrets and share his fears. 

What I like about Dan's books is that I always find something about Dan's healing journey that I can relate to. Sometimes it feels like Dan is telling part of my story in the feelings of being a survivor. Dan's writing always teaches me something about myself. 

I highly recommend Healing The Writer to any survivor of PTSD and anyone who has ever experienced writer's block. Dan shares some valuable exercises in working with your inner child too. 

If you are interested, here is the link to my book review of Dan's first published book, Freedom's Just Another Word.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Patricia, for your kind and powerful words. You really do get the layers of my healing journey in a very special way!


Patricia Singleton said...

You are very welcome, Dan. In some ways our paths have been parallel to each other. Your book is a powerful testimony to working through the pain in order to reach the light on the other side of healing.