Tuesday, May 27, 2014

California Judge Releases Pillowcase Rapist

*********TRIGGER WARNING***********

A California Judge will release Christopher Evans Hubbart, age 63, from a state run mental facility by July 7. The judge is Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown. In spite of protects, the Pillowcase Rapist, as Hubbart is called, will be released. According to the article, that I will give you the link for, Hubbart was put in prison for 16 years for raping at least 40 women in the 1970's and 1980's. This rapist was released on parole in 1990 for a few months when he was put back in prison for raping another woman. In 1996, when his prison term was finished, he was put into a mental institution because it was thought that he was still a dangerous rapist. The judge and the mental facility now deem Hubbart as not dangerous to women.

If you live in the community of Palmdale, California, be aware, you will soon have a known rapist in your community.  I pray that this man truly is changed and that the GPS monitor will keep the women of the community safe. I would hate to live there or have my daughter or female friends living anywhere near this man.

I do not understand the judges and the court system that allows rapists - male or female - back on the streets.

Here is the link to this article:

"California judge says serial rapist to be released" @

I share this kind of post here, on Facebook and Twitter to educate others. Someone has to let the court system know this is not okay. How can we protect our children, women or men from rapists if they are given light sentences and allowed back out on the street to rape again, as this Pillowcase Rapist has already done once.


Anonymous said...

This would be unbelievable to me if it weren't for the fact that it's just another time where an arrogant egotistical judge has the power to make a ridiculous decision like this just because he can! If an an average uneducated person make the smallest of honest mistakes they are beaten down and punished for it but this judge with all of his expensive education gets to make any dumbass decision without question! All judges should be accountable for their poor judgement just like the rest of American citizens are. This is a slap in the face to all women and the citizens of the community that he was ordered to live in! But you can rest assure there will be no reprimand for him!!

Patricia Singleton said...

Anonymous, Thank you for your comment. Judges like this one are why I write about incest and rape to help educate others. I just saw on TV a day or two ago that the Pillowcase Rapist is now in the community and many are not happy with it. I don't blame them.