Monday, September 9, 2013

Child Abuse, Incest, Domestic Violence - In The Silence Nothing Changes

Child abuse, incest, and domestic violence have always been around. People have just now started breaking their silence and talking about it so it seems that it is every where. It is and it always has been. That is why so many of us are so vocal about child abuse and domestic violence. In the silence, nothing changes. Awareness creates change.

This is why so many survivors like me are writing about and speaking about their childhood experiences. Women survivors have been speaking out for a few years now. Finally men have joined the movement forward to a time where every child will be safe from all forms of abuse. That is why I am now writing my memoir about my childhood and efforts to heal from incest. As survivors, we give each other hope and dreams of a world different than the one we grew up in. Join me in this march forward to a better world.


Sophie Lhoste said...

You are absolutely right Patricia. It's been everywhere since for ever. And now we are finally talking about it and saying that it's not ok and it has to stop. So the perception is that there is more of it when in fact there is probably less of it.

Patricia Singleton said...

Sophie, so true. Thank you for your comment. We can only pray that fewer children are being harmed as more survivors speak out and educate others about the signs of child abuse. It is my reason for this blog.

VanRiperandNies said...

It's really important to engage and educate about the dangers of child abuse. Child abuse has to stop.

Patricia Singleton said...

Van Riper, I agree with you.