Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse: May Issue Is Posted

The May issue of Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is out at Kate1975's Blog.  Here is the link:

Go by and wish Kate a late birthday as this month is her birthday month.  The topic of this month's Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is self-care.

So many people take it for granted that everyone is raised to take care of their personal needs.  That is true if they are raised in a healthy family.  For those  who are child abuse survivors, that usually isn't true.  The lies that children who are abused are taught tell them that they have no value to their parents or society.  Victims are taught that their needs are not important.  As adults, they continue to believe that their needs are not important.  They are taught to take care of others' needs and to ignore their own needs.  Many times they are taught to hate their bodies and to ignore even their health.  If they get sick as children, they are ignored or made to feel bad because of their illness.  Some are even punished for daring to get sick.

As survivors, many have to learn the basics of self-care.  Many have fears of doctors and dentists in particular.  As a child a doctor was someone who might ask questions, that might demand answers that the abusers didn't want known.  Dentists are often so frightening because of the survivors fight or flight response that is set off anytime that someone, like a dentist, is right there in their face.  Often because of these fears from childhood, the body is ignored when it first starts to hurt.  Many abuse survivors have a high tolerance for pain.  By the time that they give in to the pain and go to the doctor or the dentist what might have been a minor thing has become a major illness or a major problem with their teeth such as an absess or a rotted tooth.  Self-care isn't taught to child abuse victims.  Self-care is often learned from books or mentors when the victim starts their journey as a survivor.

I hope that you will join me in going to the link to Kate1975's Blog at the following link:

This month you have your choice of 34 blog posts.  I hope that you will take the time to read all of them.  This month, 5 of the submissions are mine.  Please feel free to leave comments and let each blogger know what you think about their blog post.  If you have any blog posts of your own that you would like to submit to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, the carnival is posted each month.  You can go to Blog Carnival and look for the deadline for posting for Carnival Against Child Abuse and submit your own posts for next month's carnival.


Vaporizer said...

Children abusing is stopped yet. May be many steps are taken by the government to stop the child abusing but this is going on and this is very bad for all of the poor students and children’s. I have found this blog more useful.

Patricia Singleton said...

Vaporizer, thank you for your comment. I am glad that my blog is useful for you. As far as I can tell the government isn't doing much to stop child abuse. One day we will stop child abuse. That is why I speak out to give others hope and awareness of what is going on. Together we will stop child abuse.

Joy said...

Dear Patricia:

Am joy from emmergingfrombroken. I am so sorry that you were not given your voice. I know how what that is and feel so deeply .I am also inspired by you that you are already far in your healing journey .. I hope I can be like you . and be a light for

Patricia Singleton said...

Joy, welcome. What you don't know is that you are already a light for others. Anytime that we share our own stories of abuse, we give others permission to tell their stories too.

The conversations that you have been in on Emerging From Broken are helping everyone that reads them to become aware of their own issues and their own healing. I hope you will come back and read more at your comfort. I write my blog in order to help myself heal and to share hope & strength with other survivors.

Vaporizer Reviews said...

Blog carnivals are always looking for great blog articles, and there is a carnival for almost every topic.

Patricia Singleton said...

Vaporizer, yes, I have participated in quite a few Blog Carnivals over the years. Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is the only one that I am currently supporting. I am proud to be one of its community members.

Kevin said...

Self-care is the best method.

Patricia Singleton said...

Kevin, as an incest survivor and an adult child of an alcoholic, I wasn't taught self-care. As the oldest daughter, I was taught to take care of everybody else in the family but not myself. This can create serious health problems and emotional problems for an adult which is why learning to take care of myself was so important to my healing journey.