Monday, October 25, 2010

From Tracie Posts October Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Thanks to From Tracie for hosting this month's October Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.  You will find the post at the following link:

Three of my recent blog articles are included in the post this month.  I hope you will join me in going to read about the stories of other abuse survivors who are brave enough to tell their stories and help to break the silence of abuse.  You will find some very courageous and healing bloggers who I admire and sympathize with in their journey toward wellness.  Thanks to all of you.


Unknown said...

Thank you for visiting my blog post. I didn't know blogs of this topic existed until I found the carnival. I applaud you and everyone else out there who have been speaking up and letting the world know about child abuse.

Thanks again,

Patricia Singleton said...

Dona, thank God that my kind of blog does exist today. When I first admitted to being an incest survivor in the 1970's, the internet didn't exist for most of us and very few others were talking about incest at all in my experience. Today it is easy to find others and know we are not alone. Glad for your post on Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.