Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interview By Cyrus Webb: "Should Love Ever Hurt?"

On Monday, October 4, 2010 at noon Central Standard Time, USA, I am being interviewed by Cyrus Webb on his radio talk show Conversations Live! Radio on Blog Talk Radio.  My interview is the first of a series of interviews that Cyrus is doing for the month of October.  The topic of our conversation will be "Should Love Ever Hurt?"  Cyrus will be looking at abuse in all of its many forms while doing the October interviews.  Why this topic?  October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  I am honored to be a part of this series of interviews which will spread the news that love should never hurt. 

The link for this interview is at the following website:

If you can't be around for the interview when it is done live on Monday, October 4 at noon, it will be archived.  I will do an update with the link to the archive after the interview is done.

Be sure to follow all of the interviews that Cyrus does for the month of October about Domestic Violence.  I know I will be following them all.  Thanks Cyrus for asking me to be a part of your series "Should Love Ever Hurt?"


Colleen said...

Congratulations! Look forward to it!

Patricia Singleton said...

Colleen, thank you. So am I.

Dan L Hays said...

Patricia - wonderful, wonderful interview. Yes, Cyrus asks very insightful and thoughtful questions. But you also gave him insightful and thoughtful answers! When you spoke about stepping out and admitting the incest, powerful for listeners to hear that it's OK, not their fault, and there's a need to get help.

But when you talked about your Dad hitting Mom and her pulling the trigger on the gun, I thought that was amazing. It takes a while to realize that a witness to violence has been victimized by that violence as much as the person directly involve. Huge point to make and for people to hear!

Also the way you discussed moving from surviving to thriving was very helpful for people to hear! We all need the hope that we can get beyond the abuse - progress not perfection - but it's still worth the trying!

Great interview again Patricia! You handle yourself as someone who has done many many interviews. You have a calm and poise that is outstanding!


Patricia Singleton said...

Dan, thank you so much for your input on my interview. It is always helpful to know that I made the points that I was going after.

I always start something like this with a prayer asking that I say the words that someone needs to hear. I wasn't as nervous this time but my hands were still shaking. Glad my voice wasn't.

Thank you for letting me know that I come across as calm and poised. I certainly don't feel that way at the time. I look forward to hearing your interview tomorrow.

Patricia Singleton said...

The link for my Oct. 4 interview done by Cyrus Webb is as follows:

Anonymous said...

listened to your interview yesterday. i thought it was good. there were a couple of points you made during the interview that i hope those who were listening won't miss. jack

Patricia Singleton said...

Jack, thank you. I always, before the interview, ask God to give me the words that others need to hear. Glad you liked the interview.

Debbie Happy Maker said...

That is great. Love the interview. What I have learned about love is that you have to love someone enough to let them go if that is what they really want. Put your love for them before yourself. When you learn to understand it there isn't as much hurt. there again I would rather have loved and hurt then never loved at all.

Patricia Singleton said...

Thank you. What I had to learn about love is that I had to learn to love myself first before I could really love anyone else. Until I loved myself, I wasn't capable of believing that others could love me. As an incest survivor, I had to unlearn all of the messages that I learned about love from my abusers.