Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Name It, Claim It, Make It So---Intention To Hear Your Spirit Guides

Slade Roberson recently wrote an article called "You Can Hear Your Spirit Guides". You will find the link to this article at the bottom of the page along with some other links with information about Slade. In the article, Slade says, "If you wish to communicate more effectively with your spirit guides, the number one thing you need to tell yourself and your guides is that you are open to their presence and to receiving their guidance."

Here is the intention that I set for hearing my guides:

I am open to being psychic. I do hear my spirit guides in whatever form they choose. I play a significant part in the forming of my world.

Like most people, I was a little afraid of my psychic abilities. I was more puzzled than afraid. I really didn't know what to do with these abilities. Sometimes they are right on with the messages that I receive and sometimes, because I don't have the whole picture, they make no sense to me. The messages are easier to receive when the messages are for me rather than for someone else. If the message is for someone else, that means I have to risk voicing the message and being wrong in front of someone else. What if they look at me like I am crazy, like I have totally lost it? What will I do then? I have learned to present the information anyway. Whether I understand it or not, it is usually understood by the person that needs it. I am doing them a disservice by not presenting the information.

If you are interested in learning how to hear your spirit guides, Slade gives classes occasionally. I have taken two of the classes and greatly benefitted from them. Slade teaches you how to be more aware of the psychic hits that you get from your guides on a daily basis. We totally ignore so much of what our guides send us because it doesn't come in the form that we expect it to. That is why my affirmation says, "I do hear my spirit guides speaking in whatever form they choose."

If you are interested in learning more about your spirit guides and how to contact them, check out Slade's blog, Shift Your Spirits. Start with the article linked below. If you like what you read spend some time checking out the rest of Slade's articles.

What is your intention toward hearing your guides?

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Andrea Hess|Empowered Soul said...

The interesting thing is that it's often actually easier to receive messages for other people ... once we get over the fear of being "wrong" and also being misunderstood. We all have to come out of the psychic closet sometime ...

Still, I find that reading for total strangers is much easier - there are no opinions, no preconceived notions, no ego to get in the way. It's an experience that I wish everyone could have - information that can only come from Spirit, nowhere else.


Jenny said...

I don't think I can hear any of my guides! I wish I could, I'd like to, I really need to learn how to. I may have to look into Slades sight, it may provide me with some answers. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

Patricia Singleton said...

Andrea, thanks for your comment. I have only done readings for others once and that was in one of Slade's classes and then it was for each of the 12 people in our class. We each asked a question and then we each gave the information that we got from our guides. It was terrifying and very exciting at the same time to do the readings. We were all amazingly accurate in our readings too.

Patricia Singleton said...

Jenny, Slade's blog and his classes are a great place to start. All of your intuitive nudges come from your guides. Sometimes our guides give us information though other people, through songs we hear, sometimes for me, even though TV commercials.

Slade | Shift Your Spirits said...


As always, I am very grateful for your support and the affirmations you provide me in the work that I do.

I totally agree with Andrea -- it is SO much easier for me to do readings for other people, the fewer emotional attachments, the less I think I know about someone, the easier it is to connect to a more clear form of information.

Part of the reason I did the workshop where we did readings for others was to help you find that sense of confidence, and work backwards -- hopefully, experiencing that spirit guided information when you can be detached makes it easier now for you to know where that comes from and pluck it out of all the "noise" when it's for you.

Delivering messages for others is an enormous responsibility and a powerful gift.


Patricia Singleton said...

Slade, you are an easy person for me to support. What you give of yourself is always full of love and wisdom. I am learning to be a better person because of your influence in my life.

I was in a healing class a few years ago at the home of friends of mine in which each of us took turns sitting in a chair while everyone else would focus on our healing issues and give feedback from our guides to the person. In the beginning, I didn't trust what I was getting, especially when I would get something that was so different and sometimes even the opposite of my more experienced friends. I learned to give the information no matter how I felt about it and leave it up to the person in the chair to either accept or reject it as accurate or not.

In taking your classes, I was able to look back at that healing group and realize that readings were what I was doing and just didn't know it.

Corinne Edwards said...

I have also been studying Slade - his system seems to involve different levels of communication.

I don't seem to have to aim it at any particular guide or at least if I am, I don't know it.

They, when they do show up, just interrupt!

How do you interpret that from your studies? I am confused on this.


Patricia Singleton said...

Corinne, you are welcome for the link. I loved what your article illustated about giving out the information we receive whether it makes sense to us or not.

I don't speak to any one particular of my guides either. Of the two that I am aware of getting information from, Slade says my "blue lady" is an emissary of Mother Mary and I just see her occasionally; and Manoah that I actually see and have a name for, Slade says he is an ascended master that I work with.

Most of my verbal communications from my guides could be called interruptions as well. They come through as loud "shining sentences" as Slade calls them. They usually come out of nowhere in my head in the middle of my other thoughts, but I hear them loud and clear. They probably seem like interruptions because our minds are so busy with their own thoughts.

Some of my information from my guides come as I am writing, especially articles for my blog. I haven't figured out the communication thing either with my guides. I am getting better in hearing. I agree with Slade in that the important thing right now is for me to just be open to the communications and they will come.

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Patricia,

This is the second article I've read this week on spiritual guides. Although I've never called on mine, I often wonder if those gut feelings are my guides "talking to me".

What do you think?

Patricia Singleton said...

Barbara, a lot of mine is what I call gut feelings so yes, I would say that is your guides talking to you.

Irene | Light Beckons said...

Hi Patricia,

When I started offering professional readings, it was sooo scary. The amount of self-doubt I had to deal with was incredible. However, I have this practice to thank because it has taught me so much. Even till today, it still amazes me how accurate I can be, with the assistance of my wonderful team of guides. They really don't set us up for failure ... it's our mind and ego that does a really good job with creating resistance.

Thank you for the link to my post! I love Corrine's article too ... it's always awesome to see how Spirit works in our lives, in so many creative ways. :)

Patricia Singleton said...

Irene, you are welcome. I enjoyed yours, Corinne's and Stephen's articles all. I know that as I develop any skill the fear lessens. And yes, it is the ego that makes us fearful. Spirit knows that we are all gifted children of God.

Stephen Hopson said...

I find all of this so utterly fascinating.


Because I love the idea of communicating with our spirit guides. I know I've received "life saving" messages and I've probably gotten insights from them without knowing it when talking to people.

Like yesterday a friend and I got together so that she could get some feedback from me on a problem she was experiencing at work.

She spoke for several minutes, laying out the entire story of everything that happened. I just listened without once interrupting (except when to clarify something).

Then she turned it over to me and all of a sudden I was receiving insights and thoughts that just seemed so clear. I told her this was going to be a bit of "tough love" but put it out there for her consideration.

While I did not consciously seek guidance from my spirit team, I think they were feeding me these insights.

How interesting it would be if I actually consciously moved in the same direction that everyone here seems to have followed. Who knows?

Wouldn't it be interesting if I ended up becoming an intuitive guide too? Hmmmm........

The possibilities are tantalizing and yes, a little scary but hey, I'm used to doing scary things. LOL.

Patricia Singleton said...

Stephen, it is great that you realized that this information was probably coming from your Spirit Guides. I do that type of channeling from my guides all the time. I recognise it as coming from my guides because the information comes out of my mouth spontaneously without prior thought about it on my part. Most of the time the information is as much for my use as for the person that I am giving it to.

Corinne Edwards said...

As you know, I am a Life Coach.

According to the person who comes in to see me, I ask them if they have any loved one on the other side they want to bring into the discussion.

Wierd thing. Sometimes, I can see that person. And describe them.

It always freaks me out a little.

Patricia Singleton said...

Wow, Corinne, that would probably freak me out too. I have a friend who has the gift of seeing spirits around other people. In the past year, she has begun to be ok with her gifts. She used to tell them to go away and leave her alone. Now she asked them what they want. I sometimes sense things but I rarely see them.