Thursday, October 25, 2007

Prayer Request From Patricia

Hi. This is a quick note and request for prayers for my mother-in-law, Virgie Lindsay. Virgie is going into the hospital on Friday, October 26 for possible heart surgery in Bossier City, Louisiana at Willis Knighton North Hospital. She is 85 years old and except for her heart in relatively good health. She had her middle son who lives with her call my husband last night. She had just gotten home from 2 days of being in ICU with a very rapid heartbeat.

A friend of mine who is a healer and psychic has told me that it is not Virgie's time to die, unless she lets her fears guide her in that direction. That is the gut feeling that I get as well. I have already started my own form of healing energy work on her and hope to be able to talk to her in the morning before whatever proceedure that the doctors decide to preform.

My request to each of you is for prayers and the offering of whatever healing energy work that you may feel called upon to use in Virgie's behalf also. Thank you for whatever you can do. Just prayers are fine too. If you know of any prayer circles or prayer groups, please put Virgie's name in those prayer groups. Again, thank you.

We are leaving in the morning, at her request, to be at the hospital with her. The decision to do heart surgery or not will be made tomorrow morning around 11:00. Reiki during surgery is not a thing that you want to do because it will make bleeding easier but any other form of healing will be appreciated. I will not do a Sunday post because I don't know when we will get home from Louisiana. I will post an update as soon as I know anything and am back home with access to my computer.

Thanks to all.


Paritosh Uttam said...

My best wishes for your mother-in-laws recovery. My grandma is about 85 too, and she's losing her sight, though her memory is as sharp as ever. That makes her very sad.

I guess the easiest way for you to begin knowing about Swami Vivekananda would be the wikipedia link, which would refer to other links too.

He lived from 1863-1902, so long before India got independence. He is credited with reawakening India, in making her people believe that they are worth something because of their spirituality. Because at that time, India was under British rule, and before that under the Mughals, so it looked like they would always be the subjects of other rulers.
Vivekananda is also called the patriot-monk of India. He was not political, but helped people gain strength through belief in their spirituality.

Patricia Singleton said...

Paritosh, thank you for your kind thoughts for my mother-in-law. I will start to read about Vivekananda when I get back from Louisiana. Thanks for the source information.

Larissa said...

My prayers are with your mother and your family. Larissa

Patricia Singleton said...

Larissa, thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated. I posted a comment earlier in the day but it hasn't shown up so I will repeat what I said earlier.

My mother-in-law did not have the surgery. No one but her really thought she would. She was really frightened by the possibility of surgery. What the doctor told my husband and his older brother was that the rapid heart rate of over 200 beats a minute is the possible interaction to the 3 medicines that she has been taking for years or the possibility that they are no longer working as they should. For 24 hours, she wore a heart monitor which she is supposed to return to the doctor on Monday or Tuesday to find out the results of. There are other medications available to try. The surgery will be the last option availible if the medicines don't work or if the rapid heart beat becomes life threatening. Please continue your prayers. I will do updates as we find out more.

Rising Rainbow said...

I wish you all well in this journey.

Patricia Singleton said...

Rising Rainbow, thank you. Since my last update, my mother-in-law has gone back into the hospital. Her heart started racing yesterday afternoon and would not stop. She took an ambulance to the hospital where they were able to slow her heart rate down after several hours. They kept her overnight. Have not heard any news today so I assume she is ok. She didn't get to see her doctor last night so maybe she will today. As I know more, I will post it.

April_optimist said...

Prayers for your mil.

Patricia Singleton said...

April_optimist, thanks for your prayers. She is still in the hospital having more tests done. Doctor seems to think it is an electrical system problem.

Patricia Singleton said...

Daniel's mother is having her surgery done tomorrow. They are comparing it to putting in a heart catheter where they run a tube down through her shoulder and up though the groin area to find wherever the electrical system has a short circuit. Then the doctor will some how zap the area and cauterize it. There is a 1% chance that something could go wrong and she could die. Very small odds and she is very scared so the 3 boys are again going to the hospital to be with her at her request Monday afternoon about 2:00 p.m., November 5. The procedure is supposed to take 2 hours. If we are able to come back home tomorrow, it will be late tomorrow evening. It will depend upon Daniel's mother and how she is doing.

Patricia Singleton said...

This will probably be my last update for Daniel's mother. She had the surgery on Monday afternoon. The procedure lasted from 3:25-just before 7:00 p.m. The doctor says that if she does not have any rapid, out of control heart racing episodes in the next 3 months that he will declare her cured. He says that is what happens 95% of the time.

She got home around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday evening with new blood pressure medicines. Her blood pressure for the past few months has been averaging higher than 200/90. So now the doctors need to find a medicine that makes her blood pressure normal again.

Thanks for all of the prayers from each of you. I definitely believe in the healing power of prayers.